Once we have an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, there is a growing desire to do something about the love we have for Him. That’s a desire for mission, to glorify Him with our lives.

The next step starts with understanding just how you are created to do that – and where. Your desire to glorify God will express itself in the lives of others. There are countless ways of serving others for God’s glory; once you find your way of glorifying Him, you know your mission field – it is the space where God is calling you to advance His Kingdom.

Your mission field is also the object of your affection. For some, that space is serving in the area of poverty, or education, government, sports… any area of society that has influence over people’s lives.

There are 12 major areas of influence in Tucson. There are also 22 focus areas in Tucson. Our hope and dream is that soon, all of these areas will be filled with Christians like you – believers who refuse to settle for the status quo, who know God has created us for great things and will live to complete them in Jesus’ name.

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