You Are the Light of Your City Webseries

Conversations with people who are living out their God given purpose and transforming their communities.

  • Episode 5: Interview with Jennifer Tompkins.

    Mark meets with Jennifer Tompkins, Executive Director of Tucson Refugee Ministry. They discuss her story, the ways God creates connections and skills for each of us that can be used to love others, and the importance of saying yes to God's plan. Want to know more about Tucson Refugee Ministry? Check out their website,

  • Episode 4: Interview with Robin Blumenthal.

    Mark meets with Robin Blumenthal, Trauma Informed Trainer, Speaker, Event Organizer, and Author. They discuss the journey of discovering and fulfilling your purpose and the importance of taking steps toward God's plan for your life.

  • Episode 3: Interview with Roseanna Gonzalez.

    Mark meets with Roseanna Gonzalez, Executive Director & CEO of It's A Beautiful Life. They discuss the ups and downs of pursuing your purpose and how God can turn your darkest moments into a beautiful life. For more information on Roseanna and It's A Beautiful Life, please visit

  • Episode 2: Interview with Alberto Suastez.

    In this powerful conversation, Alberto and 4Tucson CEO Mark Harris touch on the challenges that can come with discovering and fulfilling your purpose, as well as the ways God has shown faithful along the way. Alberto is the Missionary and Director of Men's and Music Ministries with Corazon Ministries.

  • Episode 1: Interview with Eric Naus

    Christ Community Church Pastor Eric Naus shares how he discovered God's purpose for his life, what it has taken for him to live it, how this adventure has changed him and the fruit God has produced. What he shares is so empowering! We hope this blesses and encourages you to live out your own God-given purpose.

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