Whose Vision of the Future Will We Pass On? 1

Whose Vision of the Future

Will We Pass On?

Have you ever wondered why one culture thrives while another does not? I have studied many ancient and modern philosophers as well as ancient and modern religious leaders on their ideas around how best to make a culture thrive. Out of all the various ideologies, philosophies and religious systems that I have read about, the most beneficial cultural outcomes throughout history seem to be in those cultures that most closely aligned their policies, laws and institutions with a biblical ideology. The historical evidence is overwhelming.

I have observed that a majority of Christians have a deep desire to understand and pursue their God-given purpose. They want their lives to bring glory to God. They want to make a positive difference on the culture around them. It has also been my experience as a pastor that the reason many Jesus followers do not attempt to fulfill their purpose and impact culture is because they need a process for figuring it out. I have always believed that if a Christian discovered the key elements of his or her purpose that he or she would be self-motivated to pursue and fulfill their God-sized dream the rest of their lives. They would then, by default make a positive impact on their culture in their generation.

At some point in my life, I began to wonder if it were possible to help each generation of Christians to know their God-given purpose, to help them act on that purpose and then as a result the world become a better place. Would each successive generation cherish the gift they inherited from the previous generation? Would God give each new generation the wisdom to leave their mark on the world by improving the cultural deficiencies and injustices inherited from the previous generation by aligning them with biblical principles?

To test that theory, the 4Tucson platform was created. It serves as a place for Jesus followers to discover their purpose and to find the sweet spot where their gifts, strengths and talents come together in such a way that their lives make a kingdom difference in our city. Admittedly, finding one’s sweet spot takes a bit of trial and error before the result is a life filled with fruitfulness and fulfillment. 4Tucson is designed to be a safe place for members to try different things until each one finds the place where they can say, “I was made for this!”

The 4Tucson promise to our members is that we will help you discover your purpose, help you make friends with other Christians around the city and help you make a kingdom difference with your life. We have many opportunities for our members to serve while looking for that sweet spot.

Have you ever stopped to consider the truth that somebody will build the cultural foundations that the next generation will inherit? Will it be Christians who influence our culture and set the foundation for human flourishing or will it be non-Christians who find is vogue to experiment with ancient philosophies and ideologies that have historically only brought human suffering and cultural decline?

The battle for the heart and minds of the American people is raging all around us. We are living in a time where worldviews are clashing. On one hand is the Christian worldview that begins with the fact that there is a God and His ways work best for society. Then on the other hand, there is the non-Christian worldview that begins with the proposition that there is no God and that mankind controls his own destiny.

In the Christian worldview the closer an individual and collectively the culture at large matches God’s ways, the more people thrive and prosper and the more virtuous our culture becomes. In the non-Christian worldview the wisest among us create the structures of the future and manage human behavior for the benefit of all mankind.

Increasingly a number of people in our culture are rejecting a society guided by biblical principles in favor of an elite class of people who will manage the planet and ushering in a utopian society that benefits everyone equally.

To articulate their worldview, the article, “What if we get things right? Visions for 2030” the World Economic Forum explains how they intend to implement their ideology for making the world a more equitable place. A ruling class will manage all of the world’s resources and distribute them to every person as they have need. To achieve their ideal, individuals will necessarily be required to yield their personal ambitions for the collective good of society.  (https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2019/10/future-predictions-what-if-get-things-right-visions-for-2030/)

Both worldview strategies been tried throughout history. The results of each worldview is predictable. The Christian worldview leads to freedom to pursue one’s own purpose, to individual responsibility and to cultural prosperity. The non-Christian worldview devolves into cultural chaos and ultimately into a dictatorship.

Why does the non-Christian worldview not work? The Bible says, “The heart of man is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked.” (Jerimiah 17:9) If we can agree that the Bible is true, then we should understand that the leaders of the World Economic Forum, no matter how well intentioned they may be, are deceitful and desperately wicked.

These global leaders are asking us to trust them because they have a theory of change built from their own intellect. They are making bold predictions about their preferred future of civilization and are intentionally implementing their cultural change model at every opportunity. They are eager to test their ideas in our generation.

A reasonable question would be, “What if they are wrong?” What are the potential consequences if we yield our individual freedom for the collective good? If we are wise, we should be suspicious of anyone other than God, who says they have the answers for the ills that plague mankind.

So here are a couple things to consider. Will our children suffer because our generation trusted people divorced from godly wisdom and understanding who claimed they had a better idea for how to manage our culture? Will successive generations look back at this time in history and curse us for our naivety?

When I have this discussion with Christians, it is not uncommon to hear them say that they hope Jesus comes back soon. I do too. But what if He doesn’t come as soon as we would like?

Other Christians have expressed their exasperation saying that the cultural problems are so big and so many that there “there is nothing I can I do about it.” Big problems do not absolve us of responsibility.

I don’t believe it is too late in our nation for Christians to positively influence our future. I appeal you to get involved. We only need 10% of our city’s citizens to agree to work together toward a Christian worldview to make positive change. The 10% number is called the Cultural Tipping Point, where the majority of citizens accept the minority view.

That means we need 100,000 Christians to join 4Tucson and agree to work with other Christians to shape and influence our culture. It is up to us to engage the culture and win the hearts of this generation. It is up to Christians to offer a godly alternative to the man-made philosophies and ideologies that historically hurt people and create mass amounts of human suffering.

Which worldview will win? What vision of the future will we pass on to the next generation?

It is up to us to decide the fate of our city and our nation. Please do not sit passively by and think that this clash of worldviews will not touch you. It will. It already is.

4Tucson does not have all the answers for society’s problems. But I am convinced that God’s ways work best. I am convinced that if we ask God, He will give us the wisdom to solve problems that allow individuals pursue their God-given purpose and to thrive. I believe Christians hold the best answers for the future of our culture.

If you believe that too, would you join 4Tucson and help us reach the cultural tipping point? We will need to work together as never before if we are to pass on a healthy, thriving, prosperous culture to the next generation. Go to 4Tucson.com and become a member of today. We have hope, but we need you to realize God’s best for our city.

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