Who Killed Democracy?- 11-14-22 1

There was much talk about democracy being on the ballot this year. I’m not too sure that many people are concerned about democracy. I know that’s true because according to the Arizona Secretary of State’s website, here in Arizona, only 53% of registered voters voted. That means that 27% of those who voted in Arizona carried the election. This compares to almost 80% voting in 2020 and 65% in the 2018 mid terms. The highest national turnout was in 1876 with over 81% voter turnout, when Rutherford B, Hayes won a contested election against Samuel J. Tilden.

How is it that when people had to walk or ride a horse to the polls to cast their ballot in person, there was a higher voter turnout than today when the longest walk is to your mail box?

Would over half the people in Arizona allow a stranger to pick what food they ate? How about clothes? Comparing not voting to allowing a stranger to pick your spouse is more like it because we are kind of married to who gets elected.

For those of you who didn’t vote, someone else picked your representative who will determine how much tax you are going to pay, what level of public safety you receive, what is being taught in public schools, what roads are paved, what laws that are enacted and a slew of ballot initiatives.

In Arizona, we vote for the people who control our elections, the county recorders, and at the top, the Arizona Secretary of State. How’s that working for you? Here it is, almost a week after the election and most races are still up in the air. This Arizona election is once again gaining national attention as the furthest behind in counting ballots with a multitude of problems at the polls on election day. Like in James 4:16, did the people who run our elections "know the right thing to do and failed to do it"?

In the end, it’s not the person you elect who will kill democracy, it’s the person who didn’t vote. Almost half of the registered voters in this election are guilty.

Traditionally, Christians are the guiltiest of all for not voting. At 4Tucson, we support the passage of legislation that promotes life, religious liberty, marriage, school choice, free enterprise, parental rights, public safety and sensible restorative criminal justice reform. We also oppose legislation that goes against those values.

We can’t succeed at the legislature if Christians allow people with an ungodly value system to run our government. Last year, almost all of our gains at the Arizona Legislature were passed by a one vote majority in both the House and Senate and signed into law by the Governor. It matters who we elect at all levels of government.

Now we get back to work getting out the vote for the 2023 Tucson City election and the 2024 general election that will undoubtedly change history. We must not repeat the low voter turn out of this election. More than ever, to preserve democracy, every vote counts.

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