by Mark Harris

What Evidence Do We Have? 1

Over the years I have been asked by several people, how I know that the 4Tucson vision for biblical city transformation is from God. Only recently have I been able to point to real evidence that God is stirring similar things in other cities around the world very much like what 4Tucson is attempting. People who have never meet each other nor shared ideas are being compelled by God in similar ways to change the culture of their cities for His glory. These leaders are not satisfied with the status quo. Believing that God has something more, they are calling people to follow His ways. 

It is also curious that there seems to be a very similar window of time where God began calling these city leaders around the world to action. At the 100 Cities Summit, many of the presenters shared they started their city work between 2009 and 2011. That is similar to 4Tucson’s experience. With little evidence that the spiritual transformation of our city was even possible and more out of obedience to God’s call in my life, I did the first 4Tucson city-wide presentation in October 2009. Public presentations continued to be made for two more years, until God began calling more Christians to get involved.

Even more striking is that all of the leaders at the 100 Cities Summit reported that their city work was preceded by years of prayer by intercessors praying for God’s will to be done in their cities as it is in heaven, a direct reference to Matthew 6:10. For decades, faithful intercessors have prayed for the city of Tucson. Their faithfulness prepared the way for a biblical city transformation movement to take root in Tucson.

The global city transformation movement continues to gain momentum. God seems to now be stirring in the hearts of the next generation, calling them to commit themselves to spreading the gospel across the globe. Just last month, “The Send,” ( hosted over 40,000 young people gathered in Orlando, Florida who committed themselves to spreading the gospel in their generation. Researchers who follow these mega trends have been asking if this is the beginning of the “Third Great Awakening.” 

At the 100 Cities Summit, one speaker pointed out that 2017 marked the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. He pointed out that there seems to be a 500-year spiritual cycle that has roughly been identified since the resurrection of Jesus. For example, 476 AD marked the end of the Western Roman Empire. While the Eastern Roman Empire continued on, Rome as it was known would never be the same. This was a significant global event that was key in advancing the gospel. Approximately 500 years later, in 1074AD the Church split into the Eastern and Western church. Prior to this event, the Church had been understood to be one, universal church of Jesus Christ. Then 500 years later the Reformation of the church in 1517AD split the church into Catholics and Protestants. Assisted by the printing of the Bible starting in 1455AD, this new season ushered in a period of spiritual freedom where mankind was encouraged to think for himself and to personally pursue God as fully as was possible. 

Today, approximately 500 years after the Reformation, could it be possible that we are witnessing, and actually living in, the next big 500-year movement of God? 

I do not claim to know what God will do in the next 500 years. What I do know is that there is more and more evidence that we are living in a very special time in history.

God is actively working around the world for His purposes. I continue to believe that Tucson is right in the middle of whatever God has planned for this next season in history. 

I hope these interesting facts stimulate your thinking and encourage your heart as it does mine. The possibility of being involved in a great movement of God in our generation makes me smile.  If you don’t want to miss out on what God is doing in our city, I would encourage you to attend Discover4Tucson. Twice a month we offer a virtual tour of what God is doing in Tucson and how you can get involved with Him in it. 

Click on this LINK to sign-up for the next Discover 4Tucson.

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