"We are not alone anymore!"

"We are not alone anymore!" 1That was the biggest takeaway for me as Dave, Brian, Bernadette and I attend the 100 Global Cities Summit in Washington, DC last week. Five years ago when all four of us attended Movement Day in New York City, there was a lot of theory and discussion around what city gospel movements could look like. At this summit, held at the Museum of the Bible, there were dozens of cities around the world who shared how God is working through ordinary Christians to transform their cities. 4Tucson is not alone anymore in pursuing strategies for biblical city transformation. It is now happening globally.

"We are not alone anymore!" 2

While Tucson was one of the 100 global cities represented at the 100 Cities Summit, there were city leaders from over 60 countries around the world sharing their stories. What is happening in our generation is truly a significant work of the Holy Spirit.

Mac Pier, the founder and CEO of Movement.org shared that he thought that what was happening around the world is a “500-year event of the Holy Spirit.” One that will be written about by church historians for decades to come. I agree that what is happening does seem like a truly unique time in history.

The good news is that 4Tucson is part of this significant movement of God. Many of the stories we heard paralleled our own experience in Tucson, from church- school partnerships, to working with foster children (CarePortal) to racial reconciliation, to pastors working together across denominational lines. The primary focus of all the city leader’s efforts is to learn to apply biblical principles to city problems that the government alone cannot fix.

"We are not alone anymore!" 3From our public times of devotion, to the stories shared by the speakers, the topics were built on unity and its importance. We are one in Christ and we demonstrate our oneness by serving the city in the name of Jesus. (Mathew 5:16)

The summit wasn’t all work. We did have time to enjoy each other’s company, take in some of the local sights and experience nice meals. While it was good to be in the midst of so many global leaders, it was even better that Dave, Brian, Bernadette, Fred, one of our board members, and I could represent 4Tucson together at the 100 Global Cities Summit.


"We are not alone anymore!" 4
4Tucson CEO, Mark Harris

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