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God tells us in Romans 13:1 that all authorities that exist are appointed by God. Some question; “why does God allow bad leaders”? There are many times in the bible where God uses terrible people to rule in order to fulfill His purpose. One example is in Habakkuk 1:6 where God raises up Babylon to discipline Israel for their sin. On the same token, even bad leaders are accountable to God and will face judgment.

In the United States of America, God has given stewardship of government to “we the people” to elect our leaders. When we vote, it is of most importance to choose representatives that meet God’s approval.  Exodus 18:21 “You are to look for capable men who fear God, men of integrity who hate dishonest gain”

For years, we at 4Tucson have encouraged us to vote our values. It’s up to us to compare our beliefs with God’s word. Like it or not, most of the individuals we vote for belong to political parties and more often than not, vote lock step with their political party. Therefore, we must investigate the party’s platform and see how close it measures up to God’s standards. Don’t be fooled when they change the meaning of words to cover policy that willfully goes against God’s word.

Not sure where candidates stand? Center for Arizona Policy Action endorses candidates on the following values:

  • Life: All human life is valuable and should be protected from its very beginning to natural end.
  • Religious Freedom and Free Speech: Arizonans should be free to live out their faith peacefully,  both in private and in the public square, without fear of unjust government punishment.
  • Parental Rights: Parents have the fundamental right to direct the upbringing, education, healthcare and mental health of their children.
  • Educational Freedom: Public policy should assist parents in choosing and accessing the education they deem best for their children, whether that is district, charter, online, private or homeshool.

Here’s a link to Center for Arizona Policy Action to see their endorsement and score card.

This Friday, Cathi Herrod, President of Center for Arizona Policy,  is speaking at our 4Tucson Government Breakfast. Below in this newsletter is information about the breakfast and a registration link. This will certainly be a sold out event so don’t wait to reserve a seat.

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