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How about we vote for our children’s education next week when choosing who we elect? What I’m talking about is electing people who care about what our children are being taught and parental responsibility in choosing the best possible education for their children.

Last week I had the privilege of attending the Heritage Foundation and Goldwater Institute’s Education Freedom Report Card Celebration at the Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix. Governor Ducey, the man who signed into law the first universally inclusive Empowerment Scholarship Account program in the nation, was our lunch speaker. The Heritage Foundation Education Score Card ranks Arizona number 1 nationally in school choice and number 2 overall following Florida.

An array of the most impressive school choice policy panelists spoke on the great gains parents have achieved in having the final say on alternatives to the rigid district school system. Many of these schools are teaching subject matter that doesn’t align with our family values.

One of the subjects parents object to in district schools is Critical Race Theory (CRT). In an attempt to cover up this Marxist based teaching, district schools are hiding it in curriculum with titles such as Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Social Emotional Learning. They also rename this racially divisive indoctrination as Culturally Responsive Teaching; Action Civics; Inclusive Education; Cultural Competence; Abolitionist Teaching; Anti-Racism; Equity; Social Justice; Unconscious Bias and Intersectionality. Electing District School Governing Board members with sound judgement is the best way to ensure your district school rejects CRT and other non-core subjects. To learn more, go to Save Our Schools.

Who we elect does make a difference. Early in Arizona’s Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman’s term in office, she attempted to adopt CRT throughout the state. Thankfully the State School Board appointed by the Governor, thwarted her effort. That didn’t stop her from introducing a student chat line for LGBTQ+ students with an untraceable quick escape feature so they can hide their conversation from parents. At this moment she is being sued to stop this outrageous attempt to circumvent parental authority of their children.

How many of these confused children will engage in sexual experimentation in one of those symbolic LGBTQ+ letters. Will they be coerced to believe that were born in the wrong bodies and seek irreversible sterilizing gender altering hormonal drugs and eventually progress to gender mutilation surgery. Our public schools should not be science projects for new age indoctrination of our children. Your vote counts!

Not sure who to vote for? For candidates that support life, marriage, family, school choice and religious freedom, the Center for Arizona Policy Action has a score card and a list of endorsements. The Goldwater Institute has done a great job recommending ballot measures. These organizations align closely with 4Tucson.

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