Reclaiming Hope Conference Breakout Session 3

Speakers & Topics

All the speakers for this breakout session are listed below, along with the the title of their topics and their credentials.

To learn more details about the speaker or topic that most interests you, click on the button to the right of the topic and speaker names.

Building Your Personal Resilience

Claire Louge

Calming the Triggered Brain (Trauma-Informed Self-Regulation Strategies)

Tessa Brock MA, LPC, IMH-E(III)

Compassion Fatigue

Da’Mond T Holt, PhD.

Connection Before Correction: Why Attachment Matters

Meghan Hays Davis MAS, IMH-E®

Listen on FIRE and Revolutionize Your Relationships

Dr. Mike Hattabaugh

A Look at Both Trauma and Post-Traumatic Growth

Jill Stamm

Poor Start, Strong Finish - Finish Strong

Delvyn Crawford

Responding to Potentially Traumatic Events in the Church

Christopher Taylor

Sacred Wisdom: The Path to Hope, Balance and Resilience

Tommy K. Begay, PhD, MPH

Sex, the Church, and Our Past

Richard Franco

Trauma as Seen from a Survivor's Perspective

Brenna Durkin, Esq

"Who is Judging?"

Angie Geren

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