Reclaiming Hope Conference Breakout Session 2

Speakers & Topics

All the speakers for this breakout session are listed below, along with the the title of their topics and their credentials.

To learn more details about the speaker or topic that most interests you, click on the button to the right of the topic and speaker names.


Da’Mond T Holt, PhD.

The Choice to Choose: A discussion of Sexual Decision-Making Factors and the Prevention of Trauma

Priscilla A Hurley, M.A.

Creating Safety: Being a Supportive Adult

Angie Geren

A Handful of ACEs: Beyond Adverse Childhood Experiences

Rick Griffin

The Impact of American Indian Historical Trauma on Culture, Behavior, and Health

Tommy K. Begay, PhD, MPH

Personal to Professional: How I took my personal trauma and turned it into a fulfilling career

Brenna Durkin, Esq

Strengthening Families to Prevent Child Adversity

Claire Louge

Systematic School Change to Build Trauma Informed Community

Rev Sanghoon Yoo, MSW, MDiv. with co-presenter: Shomari Jackson, MPA

The Triggered Brain (Trauma-Informed Strategies for Self-Awareness)

Tessa Brock MA, LPC, IMH-E(III)

Trauma Informed from God's Perspective

Greg Ayers

Trauma Informed Self Care

Serena Samaniego MS, LAC, IMH-E®

Understanding the Addictive Brain

Libby Timmons

The Unique Needs of Infants and Toddlers in Foster Care

Meghan Hays Davis MAS, IMH-E®

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