UPDATE FROM: TJ Addington, 4Tucson Consultant

To the 4Tucson family:

With the start of David Drum’s new focus, J17 Ministries, there have been questions raised as to the exact relationship between 4Tucson where David used to work and J17, the new ministry he now leads. Of course, the J17 concept is not new as David led this from 4Tucson in the past, but the J17 Ministries platform is new. This communication is meant to clarify the relationship between the two ministries and answer some of the questions that have been raised.

Whenever a new ministry is birthed there is cause for rejoicing. The multiplication of the church and ministries that serve the Kingdom of Jesus is part of His divine plan. Many of you know this has been a hard transition for both Mark and David, but they believe that God will further His Kingdom through the efforts of both ministries. The most important clarification we need to make is that both ministries are committed to unity in the body of Christ.

In addition, there are some other clarifications that will be helpful. First, 4Tucson and J17 are two distinct organizations. While they will overlap in some areas and cooperate on some things their missions are not the same. While the unity of the church is part of the mission of 4Tucson and has been represented well through the Church Domain that David led, this is only one part of 4Tucson’s ultimate vision which, broadly speaking, is the Gospel transformation of a city. 4Tucson sees J17 as a sister organization similar to other ministry organizations in the city. 4Tucson wants to bless J17, encourage them and work together where that makes sense, but the two are two separate organizations with separate core focuses.

According to David Drum, "J17 Ministries exists to Unite the Body of Christ FOR a Divided World," believing that Jesus' John 17 prayer is also his primary strategy for fulfilling the Great Commission." You can access J17 Ministry’s website to read more about their focus.

Second, the question has been asked if 4Tucson will retain its Church Domain. The answer is, yes! This is one of the core domains of 4Tucson and 4Tucson is currently looking for a new director. 4Tucson’s commitment to the Church Domain and the church in Tucson has not changed. With the exception of John 17 weekends which J17 will lead, all the current ministries of the Church Domain will remain within 4Tucson. Mark will be sending out a Church Domain communication on the second week of each month. Dave will be sending a weekly communication to the churches on his list and has offered to include relevant information from 4Tucson.

Third, David has agreed to lead the organization of the Pastor’s Prayer Summit in the spring of 2019 since he has already been planning this and this year’s summit will be co-branded by the two ministries. 4Tucson thanks him for this partnership. When 4Tucson again has a Church Domain Director, the new director will handle the Prayer Summit as part of the Church Domain as in the past. As in all ministry partnerships, both ministries will evaluate opportunities to partner on a case by case basis. In everything it is 4Tucson’s desire to bless J17 and we celebrate our common roots.

TJ Addington, consultant for Mark and 4Tucson

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