The Church has been divided, then divided again and again. Practically every Christian mourns the division in our spiritual family and we’re certain you’ve felt the impact personally. If it breaks our hearts, it breaks the heart of our Savior too. So, we can be sure He is at work to unite His Church.

And we have seen evidence of unity among many churches in Tucson. God is up to something big here. There’s a holy discontent for the status quo. There are passionate leaders coming together under one banner: Jesus Christ. It won’t be perfect or painless; it will be real – and, we believe it will be transformational.

Imagine what life would be if all the Christians in our city had fellowship the way God intended. There would be radical growth, intimate discipleship for all believers, and the power and love of God would be evident to everyone in our city. Do you want to be a part of what God’s doing?

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