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Many churches in Tucson are struggling to experience healthy growth. Our city is one of the least churched cities in America, and church leaders are faced with the challenge of encouraging congregants to reach people who don’t know Jesus. This challenge is due in no small part to the fact that many unchurched people have a negative perception of the Christian faith.

Fear of turning people away, or of misrepresenting the gospel paralyzes many congregants, and therefore stunts Church growth and Church influence. But that is starting to change in our city today.

Glen Elliott, lead pastor of Pantano Christian Church, recently challenged his congregation to support the growth of other churches. On the first Sunday service of this year, six lead pastors of other growing churches were given the opportunity to address the congregation at Pantano. These pastors introduced themselves, their church and the community their churches serve.

The following pastors asked the Pantano congregation to prayerfully consider helping them serve the needs of their churches’ communities:

  • Jeff Markland, Good News Community Church
  • Jeff Logsdon, Hope City Church
  • Mike Blevins, Grace Fellowship
  • Josh Lindsey, Corona Worship Center
  • Brian Hook, Aspire Church
  • Norma Galvan, Revive Christian Community

In response, 100 congregants signed up to serve these six churches, as those churches serve their communities. Jeff Logsdon, lead pastor of Hope City Church said he had 34 people show up, many of whom were from Pantano, with others from Alive Church, who were similarly challenged in their congregation.

The opportunity to share the Gospel is created when unchurched people want to know about the abundant life they see in the believers who serve them, having experienced a taste of it. They see the body of Christ serving others, loving others, and asking nothing in return. Instead, the church in Tucson offers the Gospel.

If you’re looking for ways to create opportunities for sharing the gospel, we’d love to help! You can connect with one of our domains today and be a part of giving people who don’t know Jesus a taste of the abundant life He gives us. You can reach out to your church and ask about opportunities to serve. It doesn’t take a great deal of talent or experience to be part of this city-wide transformation, it just takes an obedient heart. God provides the rest.

If you want to see Pastor Glen’s message, click here.

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