How God Uses Fellowship to Overcome the Impossible

Unite with Other Christians 1Fellowship is the gathering together of spiritual family members who each compliment the identities and gifts of the others; each affirming and protecting the truest and best of the others. This is the structure God designed, and it gives life, bearing abundant fruit. It is how the Church advances the Kingdom on earth, just as we see in the book of Acts.

When transformed people fellowship together, the Kingdom is active in the culture around it, an unstoppable force that shows the lost the goodness of God.

God transforms His sons and daughters through faithful fellowship; where each one helps the others remain dedicated to their calling, to fulfilling God's mission. When we follow Him together, helping each other along the way, He transforms the world around us, through us.

God overcomes the impossible by working through His Church. None of us can experience the full riches of the abundant life in Christ in isolation. We do our best, we are our best for advancing the Kingdom when we collaborate. This is by design; our complete dependence on God and our interdependence on each other are built into the Kingdom family structure for our good.

Let’s embrace the fundamental changes God works within us through each other, through unity in the Spirit. When we fellowship and live in the Kingdom family structure, the culture around us will also be transformed.

Would you like to have a seat at the table of this kind of fellowship? Join us! You are needed, brothers and sisters; and you are loved.

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