I bet you didn’t know…
In a 2016 Arizona Youth Survey of 8th, 10th, and 12th graders across AZ in 249 schools self-reported the following:

  • Lived with Adults Who Insulted You – 53%
  • Parents Separated or Divorced – 47%
  • Lived with Alcoholic – 25%
  • Lived with Someone Incarcerated - 23%
  • Lived with Adults Who Fought – 23%
  • Ever Lived with a Drug User – 17%

What does this mean for the way we teach and interact with our students? Frankly, it means everything! If we don’t understand the need driving the behavior we are seeing, we can’t teach effectively. If we don’t become curious rather than furious, then we can re-traumatize the very students we are trying to help. When we understand how important it is to connect before we correct, we are far more effective! The 3rd Annual Reclaiming Hope Trauma Informed Conference will address these issues and more, as well as provide Professional Development certificates. Join us!

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