Launching in the Amphi Neighborhood

We are learning from and build relationships with the people living in Amphi. When they see or interacts with the model we have been designing for their community's prosperity, their creative ideas can be shared from perspectives informed with first-hand experience and this truly becomes a shared vision.

What is Movement Day Tucson?

Movement Day Tucson is a one-day event hosted by 4Tucson that launches a long-term collaboration through Taskforce meetings. Taskforce meetings convene influential leaders and community members to design a model for the prosperity of a Tucson neighborhood.

What are the Taskforces?

Poverty Reduction
This Taskforce aims to combat poverty by improving high school graduation rates and levels of full time employment, and by decreasing teen pregnancy and single parenthood.

Economic Opportunity & Development
This Taskforce aims to improve Tucson’s economy by creating jobs, increasing workforce skills, improving household economics, and making strides to improve the economic outlook citywide.

Watch the Video Recording of the Last Taskforce Meeting.

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