Transformational Prototypes for Amphi 1

Transformational Prototypes for Amphi

Below is a link to the most recent Amphi survey results. We are honored to learn from the community and build relationships with them as they share with us their interests, abilities and concerns. This collaboration is spreading beyond our group and reaching out to the people living in the Amphi neighborhood. We are getting closer to sharing the first prototype with the community!

Why is that so important?

When the Amphi community sees or interacts with the first prototype, their imagination has a concrete idea to build on and adjust. Creative ideas can be shared from perspectives informed with first-hand experience and this truly becomes a shared vision. We can move from a model to something that the community takes pride in, that they own and sustain. This is what makes transformation possible.

This is why we are all taking time to learn from and build relationship with the people living in Amphi. Thank you for investing your creativity and passion in building something that will address systemic problems that hurt people. We can't do this without you and we can't do it without Amphi.

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