The Power of Prayer for Business

God has blessed us with the gift of prayer. At 4Tucson, we believe that prayer is how we hear from and walk with God, and that it should permeate all that we do. We have seen how prayer can transform everything, from individual hearts as we accept Christ and grow in our walk, to churches as they join together in unity, to our city as the Body of Christ works together to help the people of our city.

David Turner was inspired about the power of prayer for business. Here is his story:

"I had been going through financial difficulties with my business for a number of years. I was struggling with my health and my business as well. I attended a weekly men's prayer group, and together we started praying for each other and the battles we were facing in our own lives. I had considered praying at work with my staff, but was not sure how well it would go over. Gradually over the last year or two, I have had several staff come on board with a heart for the Lord. We started praying together some at work. My business, work environment and health started to improve, so I was already inspired that prayer makes a difference. Even when things were bleak, we have had faith in the Lord to see us through.

"I attended the 4Tucson Prayer Domain Overflow Banquet in December 2016 and Brian, the 4Tucson Prayer Domain Director, offered to prepare me in how to bring people together specifically to pray for my business and our finances. Now several of us stop and pray the same time every day, wherever we are, and we also prayed onsite at my businesses. At work, we start off each day with prayer. The other guys at work are now seeing how prayer works, and they are all excited and on-board with it as well. A family member of one of my staff also started working with us, and he was recently saved.

"When we teamed up with Brian and others in prayer, we did so with confidence, excitement and faith that the results would be great! And they are. Not just in how it has transformed my staff and our work environment, but how it has transformed our profits as well. In January and February, business was up 50% from what it was this time last year. God is blessing us; we see it every day.

"There is still a long way to go for our business, but I have been comforted with the story of David and Goliath. When we are up against something big, we are not alone. God wants it to be obvious when we come out the other side of this victorious, that it was not just me and my wife (as she is an incredible prayer warrior herself and great support to me for many years), but that God is fighting our battles. It is a load off my mind to know God is fighting this battle for me. And so we continue to pray. I encourage any business owner to do the same."

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