The 2023 Blessing Breakfast for First Responders and Elected Officials 1

Honoring Those Who Serve Our Community

Our Government Domain’s Annual Blessing Breakfast draws together the community to champion our first responders in a show of support & appreciation.

January 27, 2023
8:00am - 9:30am
(registration starts at 7:00am)
El Conquistador Tucson Resort 10000 N. Oracle Road

Our first responders and elected officials work tirelessly to help our communities thrive. This January, we will bless them in return. At this annual breakfast, we will gather for a morning of prayer and support for our first responders and elected officials. Join us as we ask for God’s protection and guidance over these men and women throughout 2023 and beyond

Tucson’s first responders are local heroes who deserve to be championed by our city and we want to see our community come together for their support. At our annual Blessing Breakfast, citizens and elected officials thank our first responders for their heroism and pray over them for protection and blessing.


  • “It is a community support that is so needed in this very tumultuous time.” Fire Chief Randy Karrer, Golder Ranch Fire District
  • “It’s super important in these times for our people to come together and mingle with the community and share experiences, and the Blessing Breakfast is one of those great opportunities.” Fire Chief Chuck Ryan, Tucson Fire Dept
  • “It really does exemplify the support that does exist in the community, that you often don’t hear about.” Fire Chief Brad Bradley, Northwest Fire District
  • "Very few people know how much this event means to first responders and elected officials." Police Chief Kara Riley, Oro Valley Police Department
  • "One of the biggest rewards of being a law enforcement officer is when the community lets you know how much they appreciate you. 4Tucson is doing exactly that." Officer James Allerton, Tucson Airport Authority

For any questions regarding this event, please contact Paul Parisi at or call 520-869-1679

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