The 2022 Arizona Legislative Session - 8-08-22 1

Winning territory is one thing; holding on to it is another. The 2022 Arizona Legislative session gave us a great win for school choice. The landmark passage of HB 2853 allows all Arizona families funds to send their children to private schools, home schooling material, tutoring and other educational opportunities. Arizona is the first state in the nation to offer universal Empowerment Scholarship Accounts (ESA).

Immediately after Governor Ducey signed this legislation into law, the radical anti school choice organization, Save our Schools (SOS), launched a petition drive to eliminate ESA’s by an initiate. SOS must collect a minimum of 118,823 valid signatures by September 24, 2022 to put this initiative on the November ballot.

Call to Action: Do not sign anything from SOS (share this link with all your friends)

Eliminating private schools has strong Marxist roots. Karl Marx despised the ability of families to send their children to the best private schools. Today’s Marxist shows the same distain for private schools.
The ability of all families, including low income families, to send their children to private schools allows equal opportunity for the best possible education for all students. ESA’s allocate $6,966 per student, compared to $14,326 for district schools. This equates to an obvious cost savings for taxpayers when families choose ESA’s.

One of the arguments against school choice funding is it will be a drain on public school enrolment. At this time there are less than 66,000 Arizona students enrolled in private schools, less than 5% of total student enrollment. With the current population growth, over 20,000 new students are being added to student enrollment in 2022. Yes, failing schools, like Tucson Unified School District, will have students escaping to better schools. That’s the beauty of school choice.

School choice promotes competition among schools. Parents do not have to settle for schools that put an emphasis on the Critical Race Theory, fluid gender ideology, Comprehensive Sexuality Education and the woke use of gender pronouns.

The majority of our population will continue to send their children to public schools. School choice allows the minority of parents to choose schools that reflect the values and world view of their families.

The well funded SOS initiative campaign is a David and Goliath attack on school choice advocates. Keeping the territory we gained with ESA expansion is going to require God’s help and our action. If we are unsuccessful keeping the SOS initiative off the ballot, we will have to do our best to educate the majority of voters that ESA’s are good for families and are not a threat to public education.

Romans: 8:31 “What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?”

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