Thank You 1

To all of our members,

THANK YOU for being a part of the mission to transform Tucson! Together, we are making an impact. Below are a few examples of the impact that you've contributed to, from each of the active Domains and the active Taskforce.

We could not do this without your help! Thank you for being a member. God bless you.

  • 262 parents, educators, and community leaders participated in various Zoom Trauma-Informed trainings (from 1-7 hours) in April/May

    These trainings provided needed perspective, support, training, and tools that will further reach our community as the children, co-workers and family members of each attendee benefit.

  • 3 10-12 minute parenting videos were made and will be posted for the Vail Community.

    These videos will provide tools and resources for thousands of parents in the Vail School District and beyond.

  • We held our first 6 week Zoom Parenting Class with 30 participants.

    Parents gained valuable tools and support for raising healthy kids - effecting generations to come.

  • These 60 daily posted videos provided support, connection, training, and tools for parents and educators on topics such as control, jealousy, boredom, values, difficult conversations, shame and more.

  • David D 150 x 150

    4Tucson has recently hired David Danson to be the Environment Domain Director.

    David is already working to find and engage the Christians who are currently working, serving and recreating in this domain and also those who have an interest in learning more about what the Bible says regarding our stewardship of the environment. He will soon start bringing those who are interested together to learn with them what Biblical stewardship is and to live it out, to fellowship out in God’s creation, and to serve the Tucson community through projects.

  • Environment Domain Clean-up at Molino Canyon Shooting Area Removed over 5 Bags of Trash!

    Due to COVID 19, Environment Domain Director, David Danson went out on his own to help clean up a commonly used but informal shooting area on the Catalina Highway portion of the road to Mount Lemmon. Due to time constraints, the focus was on large and highly-visible litter. There is a lot left to do up there and new trash is always being added, so there will be future clean-ups at this location. 

  • Patriot Academy US Constitution Class on Zoom Video.

    64 people attended a fast passed US Constitution Class, hosted by 4Tucson Biblical Citizenship Committee co-chairs Piet and Mary Van de Mark. Classes taught by Rick Green and David Barton of the Patriot Academy.

  • 103 1539040927838 HandsFlag

    Reception and Blessing Breakfast with Elected Officials and First Responders.

    Completed event with 168 people registered, 155 attending.

  • The Poverty Reduction Taskforce is championing the Nonprofit Prayer Summit in collaboration with leaders from four other from other faith based organizations. The Summit is scheduled for August 28th, 2020.

    The Poverty Reduction Taskforce Director is part of a team that is creating the Tucson Christian Nonprofit Network Facebook group. The hope is that leaders from Christian nonprofits will create a place to ask and answer questions. A place to share best practices, to offer support and encouragement. 

  • Rental Eviction Prevention Resource Fair

    Members of the 4Tucson Poverty Reduction Taskforce collaborated with Pima County Community Services in the Rental Eviction Prevention Resource Fair which reached over 60 people facing eviction. 

    Over 60 people facing eviction were served at the Rental Eviction Prevention Resource Fair, a collaboration between 4Tucson Poverty Reduction Taskforce and Pima County Community Services. 

  • Young Professionals Prayer Gathering

    Prayer Domain Director, George Munguia launched the Young Professionals Prayer Gathering, mobilized 14 volunteers, and over 50 people gathered together to pray for our generation.

  • Prayer Teams

    The Prayer Domain developed prayer teams for TUSD and the Poverty Reduction Task force, mobilized prayer leaders, weekly prayer meetings taking place covering these areas in prayer. 

  • Tucson Women's Conference

    The Social Services Domain is gathering input from women from all social/economic strata of Tucson to plan a Tucson Christian Women Conference in the fall of 2020. This conference will focus on helping women find their identity in Christ resulting in knowing their purpose, and experiencing freedom from spiritual, financial, emotional and physical poverty. Michelle Kingma is our Lead Coordinator and Dr Deb Waterbury is our keynote speaker. 

  • CarePortal

    Care Portal in its partnership with churches to keep vulnerable children out of the foster care system and encouraging keeping them with the family by meeting basic needs currently has 42 active churches, serving to date 4,147 children with an economic impact of $1,812,512 and meeting 75% of requests from the Department of Child Safety.

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