We are especially thankful for you in times like these! Because of your membership support, we are able to share our hope in Jesus with others and we can make great progress in following God’s call to transform the city. God is stirring something great in our city and because you are a part of it, we’re sharing the highlights with you.


4Tucson has recently hired David Danson to be the Environment Domain Director. David is already working to find and engage the Christians who are currently working, serving, and recreating in this domain and also those who have an interest in learning more about what the Bible says regarding our stewardship of the environment. He will soon start bringing those who are interested together to learn with them what Biblical stewardship is and to live it out, to fellowship out in God’s creation, and to serve the Tucson community through projects.  


The Social Services Domain is gathering input from women from all social/economic strata of Tucson to plan a Tucson Christian Women Conference in the fall of 2020. This conference will focus on helping women find their identity in Christ resulting in knowing their purpose, and experiencing freedom from spiritual, financial, emotional and physical poverty. Michelle Kingma is our Lead Coordinator and Dr Deb Waterbury is our keynote speaker.   

The Social Services Domain is currently conducting interviews with many non-profit social service ministries for the purpose of understanding their mission, programs/projects, sharable resources and ministry gaps or needs they have that prevent them from realizing their mission completely. The purpose of these interviews is to investigate the possibility of more collaborative opportunities and how partnerships might be able to close their ministry gaps. It also will help the Social Services Domain to talk more in terms of their interest and direction.  


Care Portal in its partnership with churches to keep vulnerable children out of the foster care system and encouraging keeping them with the family by meeting basic needs currently has 42 active churches, serving to date 4,147 children with an economic impact of $1,812,512 and meeting 75% of requests from the Department of Child Safety.  


Our Education Domain is heavily involved with the Ignite Tucson Children's Ministry Conference.  For 2020, there were over 200 registrants from more than 50 churches and organizations - all joining together to "Lean In.  Give Hope."

WE ARE BETTER TOGETHER.  The past 12 years have seen nearly 3,500 volunteers and church staff meet to worship, pray, learn, grow and  celebrate together!  Each attendee represents hundreds more effected for Christ!  


Feed My Starving Children School Packs 25 schools with over 1,100 students and chaparones joined other community volunteers for the January, 2020 Feed My Starving Children Mobile Packing Event.  These children and teens will experience solving hunger and bringing hope with their own 2 hands!  


4Tucson is working to launch School Connect with 3 School Districts (as well as several private schools.)  As these schools grow and build "villages" with churches, business, non-profits, and more, the benefits to our children and city create wins for everyone involved!  Our first School Connect seminars and Kick-off event have had 52 in attendance including 13 Administrators from Tucson Schools 


In a 7-week time frame, there were 9 Trauma-Informed Training classes and/or seminars reaching over 330 individuals. Multiple churches, schools (both public and private), Community members, chaplains, and behavioral specialists have been trained in just 7 weeks.  Each training has a unimaginable ripple effect as those educators, pastors, leaders, chaplains, and professionals each reach many, many more!  

In the first 2 months of 2020, 144 individuals have been trained in 1 or more hours of parenting and/or teaching with the tools of Love and Logic® 

When parents and teachers receive healthy, life-giving and effective tools to parent and teach, everyone wins!  Not only the children, but their relationships, their families and our community!  


Relationships are being developed with Pastors, the Community and Young Professionals.  When the TUSD CSE vote was at a critical decision, the Prayer Domain helped mobilize Christians throughout Tucson to get involved in the conversation by praying and showing up to Board Meetings. 


Recently, a new Young Professionals Prayer Gathering took place engaging 14 volunteers and approximately 50 participants between the ages of 25 – 39, to pray God’s will for their lives and Tucson.

How we are responding to the Corona virus: #SpreadHope4Tucson    LEARN MORE

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