Poverty Reduction Taskforce Blog: Teamwork 1


By: Lynda Robinson, Poverty Reduction Taskforce Manager

Kids need to be taught to do more teamwork because that's what the real world is all about is figuring out how to work with others. A lot of stuff is done individually, but even still building those skillsets of being able to try the hard stuff and work through it and actually be successful. That's pretty huge. That's our best desire.

And you know, when we start doing that with kids and they start growing, it's going to affect our entire society. What if we're able to reach that one kid who finally can cure cancer? What if we're finally able to reach that one kid who can be the peacemaker? So we want to make sure that they're the ones who are being productive in the way that they are part of our society, rather than the ones who follow that fatalistic view.

So it's the internal transformation that they need to change their future or the outlook. And sometimes it's just helping kids to learn how to do it. Because often kids feel like they're stuck and they feel like they don't have what it takes to be successful moving forward. “Well, this is my lot in life. This is what I'm going to do. So, you know, Why go to school? Why try to graduate? When things get hard, why not just follow this pathway? It's easier. And that's where I'm going to end up anyway.”

There is nothing more horrible than a person to feel like they're not useful, or that they don’t belong. But when you get healthy people pouring into their lives and showing them the possibilities and helping them to figure out how God made them and what skill sets they have that could be useful somewhere in society, it changes their perspective about themselves.

There’s a ton of work that goes into changing someone’s perspective about themselves. That’s why we are calling for help for parents, educators, counselors, anyone who has influence with kids, to help them change that perspective and regain hope. I hope you become a part of this. There’s no telling where it could go.

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