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Definition: Normative to go to Church is the behavioral pattern whereby the majority of citizens within a community regularly attend church. Churches form a visible sign in the world of the invisible reality of the kingdom of God. Christians are commanded in Hebrews 10:24-25 to stir up love, perform good works and assemble together.

Challenges/Issues: Church attendance is one of the best measures of the spiritual health of a city. Understanding the Bible is critical to understanding America's form of government. Church attendees are also the best source of engaged volunteers in the city. Fifty-three percent of church attendees volunteer as compared to 19% of non-church goers. Churches provide a vital safety net, providing critical services to the most vulnerable in our society.  More than 70% of Tucson's population state they are Christians, but only 8% of its residents attend church on a regular basis. Church attendance is in decline in America and, therefore, the influence of Christianity on culture (salt and light) is fading.

4Tucson Goal: Fifty-one percent of Tucson citizenry attending weekly church services.

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