$10 Coffee XChange gift cards will be given to the first 20 people who complete the survey!

To ensure our communications make it easy for you to find the information you need to live out your God given purpose and biblically transform Tucson, take a few minutes to fill out a survey that will give us insights into what information is most useful to you and how you access it.

Once you complete the survey, you will be entered into a raffle for various prizes!

Check out the prizes!

Click here to start the Survey.

Raffle prize winners will be contacted on May 3rd.

  • Top Prize: $50 del Lago Gift Certificate

    Get $50.00 to spend at the Del Lago Golf Club! This gift certificate can be used at the golf course, restaurant or gift shop.

    10 participants will be chosen at random to be given 1 gift certificate at the Del Lago Golf Club.

  • Top Prize: 2 Tickets to the 4Tucson Discover Your Purpose Workshop

    1 Participant will be chosen at random to receive 2 passes to the 4Tucson Discover Your Purpose Workshop.

    Come with a  friend to connect life’s seemingly random events, your own passions and interests into a plan that you will be able to implement in your life. Match what you're called to do with an area in the mission field!

    Learn More
  • Additional Prizes: City Psalms CD

    City Psalms is prayers set to music about Tucson, recorded by local Christian artists. This music is Encouraging a culture of prayer-for and service-to the community of Tucson through songwriting and storytelling.
  • Additional Prizes: 4Tucson Shirts

  • Additonal Prizes: 4Tucson Hats

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