• Pray for GAP, for the safety of the children we care for, and our employees.
  • Items we can use (GAP's warehouse 2861 N. Flowing Wells Rd. is still open 9-3 M-F for donations) -

* Gift Cards - small denominations for rewards to motivate kids at the houses.
* Gift Cards - Fry's, Walmart, Target, Amazon, etc. any amount
* Canned food, hygiene items, etc. - we know you are also saving this for your own families, but if you have excess and would like to donate, it's appreciated.
* Craft kits with ideas of things to do (each of our houses has 10 kids)
* Movie nights snack baskets for our houses and foster families
* Games for the houses and for foster families

  • Finances - We need your donations now more than ever. We are critically short-handed with workers to care for children, and the costs for additional staff are a financial strain. Thank you to those who have given Tax Credit donations and above and beyond donations! It is greatly appreciated!


  • Do you have a favorite local restaurant? We are going to begin a promotion asking our friends to support local restaurants by purchasing gift cards, and bring help and encouragement to our workers and children by donating them to our SPLASH houses! This is a win-win and we hope you will participate. More to come on that soon. Let us know if you have restaurants you'd like us to include on our list.


  • Staff - Are you a teacher, childcare worker, etc. who is currently not working? If you have AZ Level 1 fingerprint clearance, please consider coming to work for GAP to help care for children during this crunch time -¬†LEARN MORE
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