Successes in the Mission to Transform Tucson 1

Successes in the Mission to Transform Tucson

Because of the support of members and donors, we are honored and humbled to share regular updates on the successes we're seeing in our efforts to align Tucson with God's ways. If you want to offer support financially, click here. If you want to serve as a volunteer, click here. If you are already supporting this amazing mission, thank you! Whether you currently support us or are just learning about us, we hope these God stories inspire you to live out your God given purpose and biblically transform Tucson!


4Tucson Education Domain Logo

The 4Tucson Education Domain Mobilized 103 participants from 2 social service agencies - AZ Complete Health and Talawa Fostering Services in England, who directly or indirectly serve children and teens within the foster care systems in Trauma Informed Love and Logic® classes.  The knowledge that they gained helps foster healing, healthy relationships, trust, and hope!

4Tucson Education Domain gathered 6 leaders from two Tucson area School districts to Engage in next steps to launching School Connect program.

4Tucson Education Domain provided list of interested business wanting to Engage with Tucson Unified School District High Schools through School Connect program.

23 teachers, leaders and community partners Engaged with 4Tucson Education Domain in training on The Whole Child that increased knowledge of the importance and value of religion/spiritual development within schools and renewed knowledge of U.S. Laws governing this area.

In partnership with the Southern Arizona Trauma Informed Network, 4Tucson Education Domain Mobilized 171 individuals from schools, non-profits, foster care agencies and faith communities on the affect COVID and other traumas effect responses, relationships, choices and brain development, while providing tools for self-care and avoid burnout and compassion fatigue.

4Tucson Education Domain Mobilized 11 parents in a 6-week in-person training on Parenting the Love and Logic Way, which impacted multiple children in each family with healthier parenting styles and more joy!

4Tucson Purpose Workshop

4Tucson began Engaging individuals in the Purpose Workshop in the middle of the pandemic.  19 people attended in-person workshops from July – Dec. 2020; 11 were already members of 4Tucson and 6 became members after the class.

In Quarter 1 of 2021, 4Tucson Engaged 32 individuals to fulfill their God given purpose by completing the Purpose Workshop. This number surpasses the entire number of participants in 2020.

4Tucson Engaged 9 participants from the organization Love Out Loud in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, in discovering their purpose with a virtual Purpose Workshop.  Here is what they had to say;

“The Purpose Workshop was an excellent tool for folks no matter where they are on the continuum of understanding purpose: a primer for those who are new to the concept and great material to remind others who’ve been working on it for a good while.”

“I found it helpful to take the various inventories and assessments and to talk together about the differences and similarities in our purposes as staff and volunteers (or our organization)”

“We all benefited from greater insight into each other.  We have continued to unpack and discuss the unique ways God has made each of us and how we best fit together as a team”

4Tucson Education Domain Logo

In November of 2020, the Reclaiming Hope Conference Engaged 198 participants from 11 different states, 3 foreign countries and 46 different zip codes in a virtual conference on Trauma Informed Care.  Attendees representing 72 different organizations and churches became connected through 38 different breakout sessions that encouraged, trained, and provided resources.  Here is what attendees had to say;

From Africa: “I feel my calling is to help children.  I am also a registered nurse and practiced a lot before studying Psychology and now I work in a Surgical Pediatric unit in our National Hospital in Kenya, so these materials will help us a lot over here.”

“I am reflecting on the virtual conference and several things have remained imprinted in my mind.  First, the theme was very timely, RECLAIMING HOPE.  It keeps resounding, especially every moment I meet with people who have lost hope. Second, is being able to be a healing presence.”

4Tucson Education Domain Mobilized 14 organizations for the 2020 Reclaiming Hope Conference:

Reclaiming Hope Conference Partners

4Tucson Web Logo

In December of 2020, 4Tucson Mobilized a Community Calendar that churches and organizations can submit their community event to be placed on 4Tucson’s calendar.  In its first four months, 4Tucson has promoted 5 community events on our website calendar.

4Tucson Government Domain Logo

In January 2020, 4Tucson Government Domain and 100 Club of Southern AZ Mobilized an in-person Reception and Blessing Breakfast for Elected Officials and First Responders.  The event premier sponsor, Humberto S. Lopez Family Foundation, joined 30 businesses, organizations to sponsor 32 tables where close to 200 attendees received a Godly blessing and developed close ties with Elected Officials and First Responders.

4Tucson Government Domain Engaged over 40 Christians in support of life as they listened to Joanie Hammond, CEO of Hands of Hope speak about helping women choose life and ministering to women who have experienced abortion.

4Tucson Government Domain Engaged Biblical Citizenship Committee Chairs, Piet and Mary Van de Mark, who became certified and facilitated 6 classes of Patriot Academy.  Over 40 attendees learned how our founding fathers were guided by God when they wrote the US Constitution and how we as biblical citizens can preserve our rights that have been given to us by God.

4Tucson Poverty Reduction Taskforce Logo

4Tucson Poverty Reduction Director Engaged 5 Christians to be certified trainers of Faith and Finance through Chalmers to partner with churches and non-profits to share faith and financial principles with individuals living in poverty.

nonprofit prayer summit logo

Over 25 non-profit leaders Mobilized for a time of prayer and encouragement at the 4Tucson lead Non-Profit Prayer Summit. Attendees committed to continue to pray with those they met during the summit and had this to say:

We are better together.
People what to connect and build relationships.
Connections are reminders that we are not alone.

Movement Day Tucson Logo

4Tucson Engaged with 48 attendees in a virtual Design Thinking Process at Movement Day Tucson 2021 to create 6 prototypes for reducing poverty and increasing economic opportunity in the Amphi Neighborhood in Tucson.

4Tucson Engaged with organizations and residents in the Amphi Neighborhood to tell the story of the neighborhood as part of Movement Day Tucson 2021.  View Video by clicking HERE.

As a result of Movement Day Tucson 2021, 4Tucson is Engaging with strategic allies, churches, residents and members of the Amphi Neighborhood Coalition in an Asset Based Community Development pilot project to reduce poverty and Increase economic opportunity in the Amphi Neigborhood. 4Tucson Engaged with representative from 18 organizations in Movement Day Tucson 2021.

Successes in the Mission to Transform Tucson 2


  • 4Tucson is Engaged in our city’s systemic problems.  In July 2020 4Tucson completed an Economic Opportunity and Development research analysis in Tucson.
  • Through a grant with national partner Luis Palau Foundation, and partnering with three local churches, 4Tucson sent 17,500 postcards to Mobilize Tucson residents to return to church for National Back to Church Sunday on September 20, 2020
  • 4Tucson Mobilizes churches across the city to pray for each other.  Since January 2017, 106 different churches have been highlighted, prayed over and honored through Church of the Week.
  • 4Tucson Education Domain collaborated with 27 churches, schools, and non-profits, training 1,147 individuals in the effects of trauma; Mobilizing them to respond differently in the community and in their relationships.
  • Mobilizing 2,000 volunteers and students from 25 schools, 4Tucson Education Domain packed nearly 40,000 meals during the January 2020 Feed My Starving Children mobile packing event.
  • As COVID has raged, parents and teachers have had to pivot like never before in history – to provide encouragement, 4Tucson Education Domain Engaged 35,000 on Facebook with 75 video training posts.
  • Three 12-minute parenting videos were created and shared by the 4Tucson Education Domain to Engage the entire Vail Community on the Vail School District website.
  • In November 2020, 4Tucson Education Domain Director will release a children’s book titled Where in the Zoo Are You? that Mobilizes caring adults to start the discussion of feelings and emotions with children who have suffered trauma, such as the COVID pandemic.
  • 4Tucson Government Domain partnered with the Christian Coalition of Tucson to Mobilize over 100 Christians in the Citywide Prayer and Fasting Night for the government in August 2020.
  • 4Tucson Government Domain collaborated with Tucson civic leaders to Mobilize Christians in the political process to successfully pass funding for the Tucson Police Department.
  • 4Tucson Government Domain Engaged with 15 organizations from the marketplace, church, schools and government to discuss racial equity and community policing.
  • Over 30 organizations including 4Tucson Government Domain Engaged in the Arizona Life Coalition Round Table that discussed unique ways to support life in Arizona.
  • 4Tucson Government Domain is Empowering Christians through the local church to become involved in the political process in our city through a non-partisan initiative called Cultural Impact Teams. Learn more at
  • The Poverty Reduction Taskforce Director of 4Tucson has Engaged with property management associations, government and justice reform agencies, and faith organizations on the Direct-Action Service Team of Pima County to problem solve and improve efficiency of processing rental eviction funds for those needing assistance.
  • The Poverty Reduction Taskforce Director is Engaging with neighborhood association presidents to initiate grassroot neighborhood development following the model of asset-based neighborhood transformation as presented by Tucson Collaborative for Neighborhood Transformation.
  • The 4Tucson Poverty Reduction Working Group Engages twice a month with 16 leaders from government agencies, churches, and nonprofit organizations to address poverty in Tucson.
  • The 4Tucson Poverty Reduction Working Group in collaboration with Arizona Youth Partnership Mobilized a host home caregiver for a young homeless mother, providing the needed support to help baby and mother succeed.
  • 4Tucson Environment Domain was launched in April 2020 to Mobilize Christians to create a God-honoring culture of biblical stewardship of the natural environment.
  • 4Tucson Environment Domain Engages Christians in a Bible study exploring what the Bible says regarding our stewardship of the environment and God’s sovereignty.
  • 4Tucson Environment Domain Engages Christians in biblical stewardship and fellowship through Bible study, hikes, and wildlife viewing.
  • 4Tucson Environment Domain Mobilized 25 Christians in a culture of biblical stewardship during a two-week class to learn how to harvest and process prickly pear fruit.
  • Through the 4Tucson Prayer Domain, Tucson joined 155 cities worldwide and Engaged Christians across the cityin 10 Days of Prayer (September 19-28, 2020).

During the 10 Days of Prayer, the 4Tucson Prayer Domain joined 13 churches and faith-based organizations in Tucson to Engage over 200 prayer warriors in prayer, worship, and repentance. 

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