4Tucson Social Services

Because of the support of members and donors, we are honored and humbled to share regular updates on the successes we're seeing in our efforts to align Tucson with God's ways. If you want to offer support financially, click here. If you want to serve as a volunteer, click here. If you are already supporting this amazing mission, thank you! Whether you currently support us or are just learning about us, we hope these God stories inspire you to live out your God given purpose and biblically transform Tucson!

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Late last year, 4Tucson hired Thomas Cortese to be the director of the Social Services Domain. Thomas is developing new and exciting relationships with non profit leaders all across the city, while serving alongside leaders at various community service events in Tucson. In addition to developing this Domain, Thomas has been a huge contributor in our Amphi Community Development Group, which was launched at Movement Day Tucson.

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