Social Service/Prayer Joint Blog - September 2022 1
Social Service/Prayer Joint Blog - September 2022 2

The Social Service and Prayer Domains are pleased to present our 2nd collaboration of bringing before you a local non-profit; and ways you might be able to engage with this ministry through prayer.

New Creation Trades

Dave and Doris Carlson founded New Creation Trades where they are putting to use old skills to offer new opportunities for our newcomer populations. The Sewing Program hopes to bring income opportunities into the underserved and depressed communities and neighborhoods by providing training in the textile trades such as sewing, design, management skills, and machine repair which is a high demand position. They offer ESL classes and reach out to shelters and refugee groups where they believe this resource would help flourish the family and provide a much-needed income. The program also creates an environment of fellowship. It is a wonderful way to reach the unreached and resource the under-resourced. New Creation Trades is unashamedly faith-based and called to open their arms to the refugee community. They partner with churches and the community, and are making a difference in our city for newcomers and old timers alike.

I am pleased to call Dave and Doris my brother and sister. We met some years back when they were moving their ministry location and had bolts of fabric they needed help relocating. Two trucks and trailers later, we had New Creation Trades moved to their new and current location. They now had more room – to expand. For all those folks who know Doris, no space remains empty for long. If it can be used to help anyone, they will find a way to incorporate this extra room so that their programs can provide more tools for success. They are passionate about making sure each person knows they are valued and cared for. They model their compassion so as to teach more than just sewing. Their hope for each person coming through their programs at NCT is graduation, with a long-term focus on achieving a relationship with the Lord. Everyone will be touched by the love and kindness you feel from all the great volunteers and participants at NCT.

Please visit their website and learn about all the programs, great volunteers and the beautiful hearts of these lovely people.

You also might be interested in watching the following video of an interview with Mrs. Carlson by the Daily Wildcat.


Thomas Cortese

Prayers for New Creation Trades

1.      Pray Doris & Dave and their volunteers will continue to “shine the light of Jesus” as they engage in their various programs.

2.      Pray participants will grasp quickly to these new skills.

3.      Pray for those who graduate to get new jobs or perhaps create their own businesses.

4.      Pray that any language barriers will be resolved equitably and quickly.

5.      Pray for all New Creation Trades needs to be met: financial, equipment, necessities associated with sewing, and volunteers

6.    Pray for new strategic partners to come alongside this ministry in order that more doors may be opened to help more people.

7.    Pray for the Lord’s continuing provision and protection of New Creation Trades.

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