September 28, 2021 Prayer Domain Newsletter: Prayers for the Media & Arts Domain 1

Praying for the Media & Arts Domain

September 28, 2021
Greetings Pray-ers,
A while back I began writing about the different domains, sharing ways to pray for them. So far, we’ve taken a look at Social Services, Church, Education and Government. These can be found on the 4Tuson Prayer Domain page of our website. Today, I’d like to write about the Media & ARTS domain. Its purpose is to “use every communication medium and art form in the city to positively shape and influence the community’s perception of Christianity, Christians and a Christian worldview.”
As thoughts come into my mind, you will find that I will have concentrated more on the Media side of things but this does NOT take away from the importance of ARTS. Both are prevalent in societies across this planet. Both have great importance within our lives: the magnificence of the written word, found in a love poem, a drama or in a thrilling who-dunit; the beauty of a symphony or the energy of a rock band; the intensity of a photograph or the depth of detail in a painting. These and so much more bring us joy, make us weep, make us think, create discussions, help us learn, or sometimes they even “capture” us for a few moments from the realities of life.
Over time, some words lose their original meanings. Media is one of those words. Its definition is: the means of communication, as radio and television, newspapers, magazines, and the internet, that reach or influence people widely. While this is still an accurate definition, with all the vitriol and negativity that we hear, the word “media” now leaves a bitter taste in our mouths. In fact, for many, these avenues of communication have led to a myriad of levels of distrust. Is it possible to turn it around or is this the new reality “until the Lord’s return”?
All this should make the believer angry. I mean, we shouldn’t be surprised with the twisting of words today! It goes all the way back to the Garden of Eden, when in Genesis 3:1 the serpent asks of Eve: “Did God really say, ‘You must not eat from any tree in the garden’?” The seeds of doubt were now planted. Are we angry that what we are experiencing is effecting both the believer AND unbeliever? Are we angry because there is such a lack of integrity and truthfulness in many forms of communication that if we were presented with the truth, we probably wouldn’t believe it? Are we angry about the fear and divisiveness all this causes in our families, work places, and churches; and sometimes, even within our own spirits? 
Here’s where I got a bit stymied. I didn’t want to stay on the same hamster wheel talking about fear & integrity. And I definitely didn’t want to shrug my shoulders in defeat, praying that the Lord would return soon to rid this world of all its angst. In my musings on wondering what the internet might have (a tool that gives access to both the good and the bad), I happened upon the National Day of Prayer website. I’ve included the link below, which will take you to a series of prayers for different aspects of the media. They are insightful and can be a powerful tool for those who are led to pray for the media.
I know I talked a lot about the media. Not all media is bad.  Sources of integrity and truthfulness are out there, we just have to look. Christians have taken and will continue to take a stand, and be of influence within this medium of communication. The Lord in His infinite wisdom gave man the ability to create and what an awesome gift that is. I pray all who are blessed in this area will use their gifts and talents to Glorify God, not to create greater separation from God. Tim Loraditch, the Media&ARTS Domain Director, is working diligently to grow this domain to be the influence it could be, through the Lord’s leadership, in our city. His prayer requests for you & me: more volunteers to come forward and help organize; more artists to engage; that his newsletter will reach a broader audience; and that the Lord will continue to provide His clarity and direction for this domain. Click HERE to view the prayer points for the Media & Arts Domain.
Coming  Saturday, October 30th, 4Tucson and Family Life Radio will be encouraging Christians in our city to Encircle Tucson with Prayer. This will be promoted on 104.1 FM. Click HERE to view the landing page for more information. There is no registration, no sign-ups. While you are out and about playing, working, resting, shopping, etc. take a moment to pray!
Blessings & Shalom

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