September 21, 2021 Prayer Domain Newsletter: Impressions from 10Days of Prayer 1

Impressions from 10Days of Prayer

September 21, 2021
10 Days of Prayer are now over. I had hoped to attend each event; regrettably I was unable to. While I won’t share about every event, I will share a bit of what I experienced during the last couple of weeks.
·        First of all – I appreciate everyone who was willing to facilitate or lead a prayer time during the 10 Days. Some events only a few people attended; other events had many people in attendance. It is my prayer & hope that all who attended a prayer time (whether online or in person) were blessed. I am most confident that everyone had an opportunity to engage with the Lord Almighty. 
·        We had a great “kick-off” prayer on A Mountain. We prayed over our city as the sun was going down and the lights of the city were coming on. We prayed for victories and healings to take place within the people. We prayed for each event of the 10 Days, praying that people attending would sense the power of God’s presence.
·        I attended the prayer time for children and their families. While I was unable to stay for very long, I did have the awesome privilege of listening to a young girl (perhaps 10ish) pray and share why prayer is important. She is part of the next generation who will possibly be leading others to prayer and intimacy with God. I found myself a bit envious (in a good way) that she has this kind of relationship with the Lord at such a tender age.
·        There was a late addition to our events – a local church dedicated time for prayer. Such a sweet presence of the Lord as different individuals got up to pray: for country & government, for Tucson’s churches, against injustice, against false communication & deception, for unity in the Body of Christ, and much more. There were prayers of repentance; prayers of intercession.
·        My daughter and I took part in the Amphi Neighborhood prayer walk. It was a privilege to walk alongside my daughter down the various streets, praying aloud for the area and for the residents who live there. These were the same streets that I walked down when I attended both Amphi Middle & High School a few years back. For me, this was both poignant and nostalgic.
In closing, I want to let you know about an upcoming event where we hope to engage the city’s Christian community. 4Tucson was invited to come along side Family Life Radio to promote “Encircle Tucson with Prayer”. Together we will be promoting a time for praying for Tucson while we are out and about in our community – basically circling the city in prayer. This will take place on Saturday, October 30th. I will talk more about this next week.

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