Senior Blessing Ceremony 2017 1""There are lots of things available in college. Lots of ways to go and decisions to make. On the Senior Blessing Committee, I met Christians my age. I was able to get into community with them in high school and continue on in college. It's hard to make good decisions without accountability, and this way I knew some people. At the ceremony, I saw somebody I went to elementary [school] with and found out that they were a Christian. The ceremony was a great way to finish high school. I am back this year to continue helping out on the committee as a college student, so other kids can benefit." ~Ariandra

This spring will be the third annual High School Senior Blessing Ceremony for graduating high school seniors. The Education Domain continues to encourage students from public schools with a ceremony of faith and blessing. It is planned and implemented by students of the graduating class and the Blessing Ceremony Committee. It is specifically designed by young people for young people.

The Education Domain exists to engage the Christian community in shaping and influencing school culture and to promote parental involvement in order to increase academic achievement. The Senior Blessing Ceremony is one way the domain helps fulfill this purpose.

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