Casa Santa Clara 4Tucson Docuseries, Episode 4: Seeds Planted, Lives Changed
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Episode 4 of our Docuseries about building hope and transforming lives is available now - you can watch it by clicking on the link at the bottom of this blog.

We've been sharing this true story because we want to work with you to do what was done in Tucson over 25 years ago: community transformation.

Movement Day Tucson brings together leaders and residents to create customized plans that will help Tucson thrive, one neighborhood at a time. These plans, or prototypes, are based on a neighborhood's unique goals, challenges and resources.

We are working with the Amphi Neighborhood. We examine the challenges this community is facing, utilize research and expertise, and hear their voice.

Throughout 2022, the prototype that best serves the community will be implemented in the Amphi neighborhood, in collaboration with the community.

Day One: January 20, 2022 On the first day of our two-day event, you'll get up to speed on the progress we have made since the previous year's Movement Day Tucson and have the chance to develop new action steps. The first half of the day will focus on Poverty Reduction and the second half of the day will focus on Economic Opportunity and Development.

Day Two: January 21, 2022 On the second day of our two-day event, leaders and residents will develop action steps for the Amphi neighborhood to thrive. The whole day, our work together will coincide with the launch of a new area of focus: Housing.

You can register for one, two, or all three events! We look forward to working with you, to help Tucson thrive, one neighborhood at a time.

Seeds Planted Transform Lives that Plant Seeds 1

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