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A radical anti-school choice organization called Save Our Schools (SOS) is gathering signatures for an initiative that will eliminate our newly enacted Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) program that gives all Arizona families much needed help in sending our children to the best possible schools. HB 2853 makes Arizona the first state in the nation to universally enable families with the ability to access funds for private school tuition, transportation, online education, tutoring and many other educational expenses. ESA’s especially help low income families and children with disabilities. Please do not sign SOS petitions and tell your friends to also reject their plot.

ESA’s give parents about $7,000 per students while public schools receive over $11,000 per student which does not include the federal funds public schools get. This equates to a great cost savings for the state and taxpayers when families choose alternatives to district schools. The result is more money per student in public education. Our legislature also passed a companion bill giving public schools over $400 million in additional funding. All education is being well funded in Arizona.

Special interest groups like SOS are abusing our initiative process originally designed for private citizens. By pumping millions and millions of dollars into this initiative, SOS is trampling on the rights of the 5% minority of parents who send their children to private schools. 

Our founding fathers designed the United States of America as a constitutional republic where we the people democratically elect our representatives in government. Our republic is structured with the concept of majority rule with minority consent. In pure democracy, like in the case of initiatives, the rights of the minority can be trampled on by mob rule of the majority. This is what is happening with the well funded SOS using the initiative process against the unfunded small number of parents who want their children to escape failing schools.

The Arizona Constitution was crafted with strong progressive influence. Though closely resembling our US Constitution in many ways, In Arizona, we citizens have the ability to gather signatures and put an initiative on the ballot so we can vote on citizen initiated law. It was never intended for special interest groups to buy legislation with paid petition circulators and high dollar advertising. The difference between the legislature passing laws verses laws by initiative is once an initiative is passed, our elected legislature can do nothing to change it or correct any unintended consequences.

As we celebrate the end of Roe v Wade, another initiative is in the works. It is being funded by abortion providers like Planned Parenthood. With the repeal of Roe v Wade, the abortion industry is determined to put unfettered abortion in every state constitution including the Arizona Constitution.

Our goal is to help all women in crisis with the love, compassion and support to remove burdens so they can embrace live birth. Now is the time to step up financial support for our many pregnancy centers so woman will get the help they need when facing unwanted pregnancy.

"A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where 51 percent of the people may take away the rights of the other 49". Thomas Jefferson.

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