Church of the Week

Each week, we pray for a Christian Church in Tucson. This week, we are praying for Rincon Baptist Church.

What is something unique or descriptive about your church?
Approximately 70% of our members are seniors who have attended and were volunteers as teachers, etc. when their children were young.

What is happening within the church that you are excited about?
We are looking forward to renovating our Fellowship Hall and kitchen to encourage church and community activities. We presently have "Wrapped in Prayer" meeting every Tuesday open to the community.

What are one or two prayer needs within the church?
Pray for young people to get excited about the Lord and reach out to the community to share the "Good News. Pray for our youth leader, Connor, to be encouraged and give direction with the youth.

Anything else you’d like to share?
Considering the Corona virus....Pray for salvation for many in Tucson.

Pastor: Pastor Trei Watters
Church Contact Information:
7500 E. Golf Links Road
Tucson, AZ 85730

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