Rick Griffin

The Science of Trauma and Resilience: Know it before you blow it.

A Breakout Session for the Reclaiming Hope Conference

One of the paramount lessons we have learned from this current pandemic is the importance of getting the science right. This session focuses on the impact of biology and environment on trauma and resilience. Participants will learn that a better understanding of the science will provide a better understanding of supervisors, co-workers, employees, and clients.

Rick Griffin is the Director of Training and Curriculum Development with Community Resilience Initiative (CRI), a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a citizenry conversant in trauma and resilience. Rick has committed his life to the education of others. After completing his master’s degree in education, Rick became a founding member and executive director of Jubilee Leadership Academy, a therapeutic boarding school for struggling teens. Under Rick’s leadership, Jubilee was World Magazine’s 2014 winner of the Hope Award for Effective Compassion.
Rick enjoys speaking to thousands of individuals from around the globe and is widely recognized for his work in trauma-informed care. Rick’s vision to educate the masses about the impact of trauma inspired him to establish a national trauma and resilience conference that is held annually in Washington state. He is currently working on his latest passion, Purpose Driven Play, a series of games designed to equip individuals with the skills they need.

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