Richard Franco

Talking to our Kids about Sex

A Breakout Session for the Reclaiming Hope Conference

Sex has many facets, including hurt, pain, abuse, fear, misunderstanding, silence, and on and on. While sex was designed for us as a gift to enjoy and embrace, those that take care of kids have the hardest time talking about this subject than any other subject. Let's dive into the necessity and strategy as to how to approach this subject with our kids on a consistent basis.

Ricky Franco is the Community Services Director of Hands of Hope Tucson. Ricky holds a Master's in Education and has served in the past as a teacher and principal in middle school and high school. He currently works with teenagers and their parents across our community through Hands of Hope Tucson's BreakDown Program and their parent program Why Wait... Ricky has a passion for kids and families. He has 8 kids of his own and understands that kids are now facing a barrage of information from many resources, but in the end, teens want to hear from their largest influence, their parents.

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