Rev Sanghoon Yoo, MSW, MDiv.

Gospel & Evangelism Through Trauma Informed Care

A Breakout Session for the Reclaiming Hope Conference

This breakout session will provide a testimonial and theological assertion on how trauma informed care science and AZTIFC (Arizona Trauma Informed Faith Community) movement can contribute to the advancement of gospel and evangelism. There has been discord and misunderstanding between the mental health field and the faith community in various degrees. The session offers a harmonious synergy between science development and the biblical manifestation of the gospel, which will illustrate how the integration contributes to the redemption, healing, and restoration of soul, mind, and body.

Pastor Sanghoon Yoo, the founder of The Faithful City (TFC), has led ministries and social services at Arizona State University (ASU) and in the Phoenix metropolitan area for over two decades. He also founded the Arizona Trauma Informed Faith Community (AZTIFC), collaborating with the Arizona ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) Consortium where he serves as a board member. He organizes a statewide conference and mobilizes the trauma-informed community movement. With the Arizona ACEs Consortium, he contributed to the authorship of training modules for opioid and substance use prevention and created statewide standardized ACEs training of trainers modules. As a grant awardee, he has been training school systems for years to build a healthy-living and trauma-informed community.

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