Resources 1
Arizona Together Initiative, Linking Arizonans To Resources.

Visit for the following resources:

  • Employment & Financial Assistance
  • Homeowner, Renter & Homeless Support
  • Food & Meals
  • Healthcare
  • Children & Parents
  • Community
  • Internet, Utilities & Wireless Services
  • Emergency Services & Mental Health

For information from City of Tucson's website on Community Status, City Services, Public Health Department Resources, Media Releases and more, CLICK HERE

Resources 2

Click HERE for free meals, food assistance and grocery resource

Resources 3
GAP Ministries is offering FREE of charge to churches and/or community organizations 1 to 2 pallets of unsorted, donated items from the GAP's Community Warehouse. These are donated items by Walmart, Target or Amazon but have NOT been sorted by our volunteer teams. Each pallet is a mystery gift from God, so neither GAP nor 4Tucson can guarantee the contents of these pallets. Click HERE.
Resources 4

Click HERE to find resources for pastors to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.

For Businesses/ Employment Help:

Navigating the Impacts of COVID-19 for Small Business hosted by the City of Tucson Economic Initiatives.

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