Through God's work in the first Movement Day in Tucson, we have greater clarity that poverty is rooted in a lack of intimacy with God.

People are looking for security, peace, hope... these desires cannot be satisfied with clothing, a home or even food on the table. These are spiritual cravings.

There are material gifts that may be given to people living in poverty as a help, but there’s so much more to the story. God desires to transform. And God transforms through relationship.

Are you in a relationship with someone living in poverty?

This is the question that shakes us up. It’s also the reason why being on the mission of Reducing Poverty in Tucson is not for everyone. You cannot show the love of Jesus without being vulnerable.

That’s hard to hear. But God is calling. We do not want anyone to miss His calling because there is no greater reward than to experience the delight of our Father rejoicing in us when we glorify Him. That’s why we are continuing together after Movement Day Tucson - it's more than the event.

It’s not another day, it’s not another revival. This is transformation.

If God is stirring something in your heart, as He is in ours, let us come along side you and together we will see what wonderful purpose He has for us to fulfill for His glory.


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