Reclaiming Hope - The Power of WITH; Tessa Brock MA LPC IMH-E(III) 1

Speaker Tessa Brock MA LPC IMH-E(III) and what she's speaking about.

Reclaiming Hope - The Power of WITH; Tessa Brock MA LPC IMH-E(III) 2
Tessa Brock MA LPC IMH-E(III)

Tessa is a passionate, engaging, and inspiring presenter who tackles the tough topics of Trauma Informed Approaches, Communication, Positive Guidance, Reflective Practice, Self-Care, and Diversity with a balance of expertise, honesty, and humor. Tessa has a Master’s Degree, is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), is Infant/Toddler Mental Health Endorsed Level III (IMH-E III), and is a Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist (CTTS). She has been the Mental Health Coordinator for a federally funded early childhood agency for over 20 years where a significant part of her role is supporting classroom teachers, home visitors, coaches, and parents with social emotional development for children, to include creating practices of prevention and intervention for children and families. Tessa actively trains, consults, and partners with organizations and Prekindergarten through 12th grade schools to enhance relationship-based and trauma informed skills and strategies.

Topic 1: Facilitating Introspection (Beginning Conversations on Privilege, Power and Perspectives)

The world is a wide range of diversity – yet we can only see the through our own personal lens until light shines on ideas, perspectives and experiences that enlighten us differently. In this safe and interactive session, we will explore and dialogue together to expand our own awareness and compassion for ourselves and others.

Topic 2: HIJACKED: Understanding how Trauma Impacts the Brain and Body

Trauma is a complex topic with many facets to explore that help to deepen our understanding. In this insightful and engaging session, we will explore how trauma and stress impact both the brain and the body. We will examine the personal implications of self-awareness, while addressing the importance of understanding others, how understanding leads to improved application of trauma-informed approaches, and identify specific strategies for increased self-regulation and trauma healing.

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