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Speaker Sandi Cimino and what she's speaking about.

Sandi Cimino
Sandi Cimino

Sandi Cimino serves families and the professionals who help them, by assisting in identifying and building on strengths to provide protection for their children against risk and adversity. Sandi has a background in social services and early childhood and a passion for assisting parents in experiencing less stress and more joy in their families. Sandi is a member of the Arizona ACE Consortium and Chair of the AZ ACE Consortium Training Workgroup, developers of the Training of ACE Trainers in Arizona. In addition, Sandi serves on the Resilience Council for Free Arts for Abused Children of Arizona. Sandi is a Certified ACE Trainer, Certified Strengthening Families™ Protective Factors Framework Trainer, and coauthor of Flourishing Families, a Strengthening Families™ Protective Factors curriculum designed to deliver the Protective Factors to families in practical, actionable ways. Sandi is also a Certified Trauma Support Specialist and Triple P-Positive Parenting Program® provider.

Topic 1: Connect to Protect – Protective Factors That Strengthen Children, Families and Communities

To feel a sense of hope, we need to be connected: to ourselves and to our communities. Living and thriving amid a global pandemic can feel impossible - taxing our energy, our relationships, and our sense of hope. In this workshop, participants will learn about a set of factors that, when robust in families and communities, help to buffer individuals during times of high stress and promote health and wellness. Participants will leave the workshop with tools that provide avenues to support children, caregivers, and communities as they reclaim hope and not just survive, but thrive.

Topic 2: Creating a Culture of Support - Lean On Me AZ

Lean On Me AZ is an effort to raise awareness about the factors that protect families from overwhelming stress – the kind of stress that can cause parents to lose hope. Lean On Me AZ is also focused on providing tools to identify and strengthen what already happens in communities that support families and build on those community strengths to strengthen families. The goal is to shift the focus of how we view and see families in our community from a culture of surveillance - looking for problems - to a culture of support (looking for strengths both in that family and leveraging community strengths to support before we report.)

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