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Robin Blumenthal, M.A. and what she's speaking about.

Robin Blumenthal
Robin Blumenthal, M.A.

Robin served as a Children's and Family Pastor for over 28 years before she had heard of the Adverse Childhood Experiences and the idea of being Trauma Informed. This awareness has changed the course of her ministry and the tools that she uses to help others. She is a certified trainer with the AZ ACEs Consortium. Additionally, she is the Tucson leader of the AZ Trauma Informed Faith Community and serves with the Southern AZ Trauma Informed Network. Robin has been an independent facilitator of the Love and Logic® Curricula since 2006 (including their newest trauma informed curriculum). In 2018, Robin and her family fostered and then adopted a teenager – and have seen first-hand how understanding the effects of trauma, the power of “WITH”, the necessity of empathy and connection is life-changing. Robin is a trainer, speaker, author, and parenting coach and is passionate about creating awareness so that others understand the effects of trauma along with the insights, tools, and skills that help build the trust, safety, and connection needed for healing to occur.

Robin will be kicking off our conference by speaking about "The Power of WITH in a disconnected World".

Robin's two breakout session topics:

Topic 1: Making your Children's and Youth Ministry Trauma Informed

What does it mean to be trauma informed? How does it change the way we look at, engage with, and minister to children and teens? Join us as we answer these questions and more! Whether you are teaching a class, leading a discipleship or small group, taking students on an outing or to camp, the principles we will discuss and the tools you will receive will help you to better reach your children and teens. When we understand why the life stories they bring into our programs matter (and how they affect both us and them), we are better able to handle the toughest challenges and change more lives!

Topic 2: Trauma 101

The seminal ACEs study done in the 1990s in Southern California, continues to spearhead research that has changed our understanding of how early childhood experiences affect our physical and mental health, our relationships, our choices and so much more. Adverse Childhood Experiences have implications for adult physical and mental health, relationships, our own personal development and so much more.

We will not only learn what that study found, but we'll also learn how the findings have been replicated across the country and across the globe. Understanding ACEs and the effects of other adverse experiences is vital to our own journey of personal growth. Additionally, this understanding gives a framework and trauma-informed lens for the way we work, serve, and interact with those around us.

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