Reclaiming Hope - The Power of WITH; Erika Walecka MDiv, LPC, NCC 1

Speaker Erica N Walecka and what she's speaking about.

Erika Walecka MDiv, LPC, NCC
Erica N Walecka

Erica N Walecka, MDiv, LPC, NCC is a licensed counselor and the clinical director at Soul Space. She is a trauma specialist with a focus on complex trauma and eating disorders.

Erica has 7 years experience in the fields of counseling, crisis and trauma intervention, and pastoral care. This work began as a pediatric trauma chaplain at a level 1 trauma hospital in North Carolina. Since moving to Arizona, Erica has fallen in love with the work of embodied healing: reconnecting and becoming fully present in one's body to experience the world. She is an avid dog lover, aspiring boundaries expert, and enjoys numerous adventure sports in her free time.

Topic: Wounded Healers: When Care becomes Compassion Fatigue

People in helping professions often speak of the joy they get from seeing healing in others. Yet can also find themselves profoundly exhausted by the difficulty of holding the woundedness of those in their care and the difficulty of life. Compassion fatigue is a common and natural response to holding so much. This talk will explore what it is, why it happens and what we can do to support ourselves (and one another) through it.

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