Sharing the Together 4Tucson Conference on Facebook:

  1. Go to 4Tucson’s Facebook page
  2. Scroll down to “Together 4Tucson Conference” Event and click on it
  3. Click on one of the following buttons:
    1. “Going”
    2. “Interested”
    3. (Clicking on one of these buttons lets your friends know that you are interested in or going to this event.)
  4. To share this event on your Personal Page:
    1. Go to the event and click on the “Share” button; it will bring up several options:
    2. “Invite Friends” – clicking on this allows you to share this event post to individuals’ Facebook pages; you can enter a name in the search bar or select from a list of your friends. Select those that live in Tucson and would be interested in the event. After your friends have been selected, click the button at the bottom right that says, “Send Invites”
    3. “Share in Messenger” – this also allows you to share the event post with your friends; but it gives you the added option of sending a message along with the post. For example, you might say, “I know you’re interested in local ministry, here’s an event that will help you connect with other Christians to transform the entire city so that all structures and institutions align with biblical principles.” This explains why you’re sending them the invitation.
    4. “Share as a Post” – this allows you to share the event on your personal page and add a comment as well. Anybody who visits your page will see it.

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