Priscilla A Hurley, M.A.

The Choice to Choose:  A discussion of Sexual Decision-Making Factors and the Prevention of Trauma

A Breakout Session for the Reclaiming Hope Conference

Many would agree with the idea that the decisions we make regarding sexual activity, and the results of those actions, are important and life impacting decisions and can result in lasting trauma.  Disease, emotional devastation, unplanned pregnancy, abortion, loss of self-esteem/respect, and the list goes on.  We will discuss how we can broaden our own understanding of the factors that influence these decisions.  Our objective is to be better equipped in our work, and homes, to encourage the development of healthy, protective boundaries for youth, and believe with them that they are empowered to protect their future health, welfare and aspirations.  This discussion will be a time of personal reflection as well as obtaining an increased knowledge of facts, through history to current sexual decision-making influences.  I will be pulling from personal experience also to bring home the message that youth must feel and know they have the Choice to Choose.

Priscilla A Hurley, M.A. has many years’ experience working in the health field, as an educator, administrator and manager.  Her experience has been primarily in areas that address sexual decision making, both in a clinic setting, as an advocate/teacher/educator.  She spent 9 years in Southern California as Executive Director of Teen Awareness, Inc. which provided the CHOICES Program, a sought-after sexual decision-making curriculum for ages 12-18 with an emphasis on abstinence.  The hunger for the truth seen by the students has made a powerful and lasting impact on Priscilla and fuels her passion to get factual and truthful information to youth. 
Priscilla's experience also includes family planning education, including natural family planning, pregnancy counseling and in addition, working at an abortion clinic.  She resides in Alaska, where her 3 adult children and 11 grandchildren also reside.

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