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Last Friday was Cathi Herrod’s birthday. Cathi is the President of Center for Arizona Policy (CAP). Since 1997, she and CAP has been the champion in Arizona and on the national stage for the life of the unborn and school choice legislation. What a fitting birthday present that on the same day, the Supreme Court of the United States to overturn Roe v Wade and the Arizona Legislature to pass the most sweeping Empowerment Scholarship Account legislation (ESA). This makes Arizona, once again, the leading state in school choice. HB 2853 still needs the Governor’s signature but we are confident he will sign the bill into law. 4Tucson is proud to be working alongside of CAP and many other individuals and organizations who promote legislation that aligns with God’s world view.

As we celebrate our victories, let us not forget that the devil never sleeps. As the Arizona Senate was working late Friday night deliberating and passing legislation, rioters were storming the Senate Chambers. National news called it an insurrection. Phoenix Police had to resort to tear gas and physical restraint to disperse the mob as they were attempting to break through the doors of the Senate. The Senate was locked down for the legislators and their staff’s safety long into the night.

Another form of mob rule is Arizona’s Initiative process were the rights of the minority can be trampled by the majority. Though it sounds good for citizens to collect signatures and put an initiative on the ballot, special interest groups have high jacked the process to circumvent our representative form of government. Once an initiative passes, our legislature can do nothing to correct mistakes and unintended consequences of self serving laws.

Most of us are hoping that the courts uphold Arizona’s original abortion law that makes abortion illegal from time of conception. They may rule that our recent 15 week gestation law will prevail. Regardless of the outcome, a Planned Parenthood backed group is at this moment collecting initiative signatures to put abortion on the ballot. A yes vote will put abortion in our constitution. The repeal of Roe v Wade doesn’t make abortion illegal, it only reverts it back to the states.

In 2017, Arizona passed an Empowerment Scholarship Account bill that is similar to the HB 2853 that passed this Friday. At that time, the well funded, Marxist led Red for Ed movement, convinced voters that if the bill wasn’t repealed by initiative, the teachers wouldn’t get raises. The voters believed them and he ESA expansion was repealed. This year’s budget has more public school money in it than ever before. The threat of another initiative is now being floated to repeal ESA expansion once again. Our prayer is that no initiate is circulated to repeal this landmark legislation. We want all parents to have the ability to send their children to the best possible school, whether district, charter, private, home school or virtual.

The way for us to win the political battle is at the ballot box. If you are not registered to vote, you have until July 5th to register for the August 8th Primary Election. You can use this link to REGISTER TO VOTE, or to change your address. Early ballots will be mailed on July 6th. You can mail them in or drop them off at designated drop off locations or, be like me, and go to the polls on Election Day and vote in person.

Samuel Adams once said “Let each citizen remember at the moment he is offering his vote…that he is executing one of the most solemn trust in human society for which he is accountable to God and his country”.

Next Monday is July 4th, Independence Day. Below in this newsletter is a link to With One Cry Tucson, where you can hear Pastor Pat McClanahan’s July 4th sermon and share the link with your pastor. 

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