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This subject matter has been near to my heart for a long time. It also coincides with 4Tucson’s Healthcare Domain. I have family members, both past and present, who have been and are a part of the medical community. For my purposes, this includes not only doctors and nurses but also dentists, optometrists, technicians, lab assistants, etc.

For the past 2 years those in the medical community have been front & center in the news. At the beginning of the pandemic they were our heroes. The A on A Mountain was painted blue in honor of their sacrificial giving during a time of great trepidation. There was a heightened appreciation for their responsibilities. Regrettably, we’ve seen this change as medicine and science began to diverge, take separate paths. Actually, it depends upon who one listens to. Sometimes science and medicine were in complete agreement with each other. Other times, they were not. We now see people being categorized as “good” or “bad”, all because of different understandings of the same information.

Like many of you, I am part of a prayer group and many of our prayers are focused on those who are sick. Absolutely! It is important to pray for those who are sick! Our prayers may include a brief reference to the medical staff, “Please give wisdom to the doctors, dentists, etc.” But, our attention is focused on the healing. We pray God’s Word for healing: Psalm 91, James 5:14-15, Matthew 9:35 and many others. We find ourselves pleading, groaning, begging and crying out. (I was going to include bribing but I thought I might be the only one who promised the Lord that I would become a missionary in Zimbabwe, if He’d just answer my prayer.) Why do we do all this? Because we love, we care, we so very much want God’s best for our friend or loved one. And we believe God wants to heal. Isn’t that biblical?

The Bible has many testimonies of miraculous healings in both the Old & New Testaments: 1 Kings 13:4-6; 2 Kings 5:10-27; Matt 9:27-31; Mark 7:31-37. I don’t think there is anything wrong with praying for the miraculous when it comes to healing, because I’ve prayed like that myself. We don’t want to see our loved one having to go through difficult treatments or surgeries. However, through my own life experiences I see how the miraculous IS taking place today. I am amazed at the abilities surgeons have and the plethora of medications that are available which can make our lives easier. Do you remember this picture taken almost 10 years ago? Click on this link: Viral photo shows baby grabbing doctor's finger while still in womb | Fox News

As has been touched on in past newsletters, we live in a time of much postulating, opinionating, criticizing and hyperbole. This is often directed to those in medicine. Unfortunately, I’ve gotten caught up in this myself. Especially when I hear the very real experiences others have had when needing medical guidance or assistance. I am not condoning or justifying bad behavior. Yet, if we are honest, we’ve all been guilty at one time or another of not being on our best behavior in our jobs or while performing our responsibilities. However, the proverbial gloves come off when we are dealing with sicknesses and the unknown.

It is nothing new when stating that we are experiencing the heaviness of fear. While it has always been around, since the beginning of the pandemic it has become more front and center in many people’s lives. This spirit of fear can affect all aspects of life. It affects our family relationships, what we do out in public, how we respond to the opinions or needs of others, work relationships, and the list probably could go on and on. From fear comes frustration, anger, hurt, lack of compassion, and even hatred. As pray-ers and intercessors, we must continually pray for God’s protection from this fear. As mentioned in last week’s newsletter, we must be careful to set our plumb lines firmly on God’s love and the power & truths of God’s Word.

I close with a Call to Action. Let us be more proactive in praying for those who work in the medical community instead of being reactive and complaining. My heart does indeed ache when I hear of someone’s bad experience; but my heart also aches for the men and women who are working hard to provide what is needed, often under difficult circumstances. When you hear someone complaining, say a prayer for those who are doing the caring. We pray for God’s perfect healing. Perhaps He is using the person you are irritated with to bring about that perfect healing. Definitely something to think about.

Attached are 2 documents. One has a variety of scriptures that can be used in your prayer time for those in medicine. The other contains prayer points to help with strategic praying. Both documents are not set in concrete so if you have something you think should be added, please let me know. These will ultimately be housed on 4Tucson's website, on the Prayer Resource page.

Blessings & Shalom,


PS: Thank you for all those who prayed about the satan-inspired event in Scottsdale last weekend. Here's an update: SatanCon Update - Intercessors for America (

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