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I recently heard a pastor, who I respect greatly, say “my congregation votes for who will hurt them the least”. I found this to be a very interesting view about the perceived state of our political system. It is true that the people we select to represent us are human beings and even the most virtuous isn’t perfect. That said, in all my years involved in the electoral process, I have never seen clearer choices as to who will hurt us the least and on the more positive side, who will represent us with God’s world view.

In the last election cycle at the state level, we saw Arizona pass legislation that has given our state the best school choice option in the country with Empowerment  Scholarship  Accounts;  public education funding is at the highest level in history; genital mutilating sex change surgery  has been banned for children under 18 years of age; men can no longer play in woman’s sports or share their locker rooms in all educational institution; ground breaking pro life legislation was passed; I-10 will be widened between Tucson and Phoenix; the state tax rate has been drastically reduced and we finished the year with a $5 billion surplus. These are just a few of the highlights of the 2022 legislative session. As voters, I think we did a pretty good job. It’s up to us to elect and re-elect state and legislative representative to continue and improve on past success. Let us not forget the local school district and community college governing board races. They are actually the most important for the sake of our children.

At the national level, in less than 2 years, we have seen our country go from energy independent to outrageously high energy costs that have snowballed into record high inflation. Our strategic oil reserve is continually being depleted for political gain, supply chain disruptions are the new norm, and clever names have been attached to bills that require the US Mint to print trillions of dollars of inflation fuel. Our once secure southern border has been open wide to millions of foreign nationals from every country in the world with no end in sight. Let’s not even get into the moral degradation of gender ideology and the contempt for the sanctity of life. What about wars and rumors of wars while our military is performing transgender surgery on our troops? How’s your 401K doing? As voters, we have serious work to do. Thankfully we have candidates for US Senate and Congress whose values mirror our own that can help get us back on track.

As biblical citizens on earth,  we can make a positive impact in society while still keeping our citizenship in heaven. 4Tucson CEO Mark Harris just wrote a masterful piece called The Responsibility of our Dual Citizenship. Please take a few minutes to read this inspiring message.

On November 8th, we must all exercise our responsibility as both citizens in heaven and as citizens in our civil government by prayerfully electing representatives that most closely share our values.

For information on candidates that support life, marriage, family, school choice and religious freedom, the Center for Arizona Policy Action has a score card and a list of endorsements. The Goldwater Institute has done a great job recommending ballot measures. These organizations align closely with 4Tucson.

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