March Newsletter: Pray Over our City 1

March Newsletter: Pray Over our City

Greetings Pray-ers!

This will be short and sweet. It is important to set a time aside for prayer within the greater body of the Prayer Domain. I know many of you are already part of prayer groups and that is awesome.

I humbly request that you join me in praying for our city, for 4Tucson, or for wherever the Spirit of the Lord leads us. This will not be a one-time prayer “event”; but will be done monthly on the last Thursday of each month. 
Please pray for:

  • Pastor’s Prayer Summit on April 29th
  • National Day of Prayer on May 6th
  • Other prayer summits for 2021 that are right now in the planning stages
  • Amphi Neighborhood prayer points
  • 4Tucson and the Prayer Domain

Blessings & Shalom Kris

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