Practical & Creative Ideas for families to help cope and build memories.

Education Domain - Parenting Support and Resources video series!

Education Domain - Parenting Support and Resources video series!

Times are challenging and uncertain right now, but we can choose to Seize the Day!

Imaginative Play

· Dress up and take some fun photos! (ALL ages can do this!) · Build a tent or a fort
· Use boxes (and toilet paper rolls) to create things
· Hide and Seek
· Treasure hunt – hide coins or treats or dollars
· Build things that float in the pool/water and have races
· Create a story together – then act, illustrate or write it out
· Read a book out loud, while others act it out
· Contests – who can clean the room the fastest, do the most jumping jacks, toss and catch a ball without dropping it, etc. Winners can choose the next movie, game, meal.
· Have a dance party!

· Cards (remember games like War and Go Fish)
· Dust off those boxed games (Sorry, Monopoly, Cranium)
· Charades
· Interactive video games – that the whole family can play or cheer for
· Play 20 questions
· Place items in a bag and guess what is inside while blindfolded
· Create a photo scavenger hunt (inside or outside) with a list of photos everyone needs to take (something red, a flower, something that says “I love you”)
· Play Freeze Dance

· Coloring
· Play Dough
· Painting
· Paper airplanes (and contests)
· Origami
· Illustrate or write a book together – you can copy and print it and send it to others (or use for next Christmas)
· Make cards and mail them
· Make silly videos and send them out or create still photos that tell a story
· Create special artistic meals together

Outside & Exercise
· Go for a walk
· Go for a hike; sleep under the stars in the backyard
· Dress warm and play in rain/splash in the puddles!
· Do yard work as a family
· Make an obstacle course and have races (maybe with blindfolds)
· Go on a scavenger hunt looking for bugs, certain types of rocks, plants, etc. (watch out for snakes!)
· Go on a bike ride
· Go pick up trash in a local park or wash (watch the weather)

Blast to the Past
· Look through old photo albums
· Sort through old pictures – and make some albums
· Tell family stories from past relatives or memories from special mementos in your home
· Call older relatives and engage them in memory conversations
· Print photos from your phone and make some collages

Special Projects
· Now is the perfect time to clean out those closets, cupboards, toy boxes, bathrooms and junk drawers! Make it a family project.
· Finish taxes (older kids/teens can help with checking your adding)
· Clean up computer files; clean your inbox
· Clean the blinds and windows.

· Practice on-line typing drills to get faster
· Word searches; Crossword puzzles
· Multiplication drills
· Research something you have always wondered about
· Challenge each other with some “True or False” questions
· Have a pajama party and spend a couple hours reading or read a book by the pool or on the grass
· Write some letters to mail to family, friends, shut-ins or inmates.
· Look at a world or United States map and mark all the places you have been AND all the places you want to go to one day.

Processing Fear and Anxiety
· Pray together
· Read Scripture (Google verses on fear, anxiety, faith, and trust)
· TALK together – share the feelings you are having.
· Do some mindfulness activities or yoga together
· Grieve the disruption of plans, time with friends or activities you are missing.
· Plan for the future…this too shall pass.
· Remember that children can internalize fear and uncertainty when they don’t understand, so explaining what is going on (in terms that they can understand) is helpful. Keep in mind that too much information (or a watching the news for hours) can create even more anxiety.

Running short on some items, but have extra of others?
Why not barter with your neighbors and friends?
Share and trade childcare and other needs as well!

Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you during this time!

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