Power of Prayer Pt.2 - 6-02-22 1

Greetings Prayers,

Police . . . . . . . . a topic that can truly generate a plethora of heated conversations. This is especially seen these days when the police in our nation find themselves as the lead story on the news or the main headline in a newspaper. While there is always room for improvement in any career (Engineers, Doctors, Professors, Sales, to name a few) the Police, Sheriff, Border Patrol, etc. communities are often the target of criticism on a continual basis.  We don’t have to look very hard to find it. Sometimes, it comes from our own lips. 

While it may be “easy” or “justified” to categorize everyone the same, the fact is these men & women who proudly wear their uniforms, sacrificially serve, and so often put themselves in harm’s way are our sons & daughters; our fathers & mothers; our husbands & wives; our friends & loved ones. 

This past weekend I was cleaning out boxes of documents dating back to the 19—s. I found many treasures long forgotten about.  One such treasure was “Shields Up! A Biblical Prayer Guide” for Arizona Law Enforcement published by BridgeBuilders Int’l. In the booklet showed a way to pray Psalms 91 over all those in law enforcement. I’d like to share this with you today as a way to pray for their protection and safety.

Psalms 91:1      Lord Most High, please keep the men and women of Arizona’s Law Enforcement safe and under YOUR protection. Keep them safely hidden under YOUR arms of protection, helping them to come under YOUR loving influence.

Psalms 91:2      YOUR Word declare that YOU are their refuge, shield and fortress; that YOU are their God; and that in YOU they can place their trust.

Psalms 91:3      Lord God Almighty, deliver and protect these courageous men and women from all hidden traps, deadly hazards and diseases.

Psalms 91:4      Father God, cover them with YOUR camouflage; keeping them hidden under YOUR mighty arms; and let YOUR truth be their shield and protective vest against every fiery dart – the lies, treacheries and traps of their enemies.

Psalms 91:5,6   Mighty God, in Christ Jesus, give these men and women of Arizona’s Law Enforcement courage and boldness in the face of violent attacks at night. Make them fearless and composed when facing bad guys with weapons. Give them alertness and skill when facing the most dreaded threats that may come day or night. Father God, give them insight, valor and confidence in times of destruction and disasters.

Psalms 91:7      Loving God, though some may fall around them, protect the men and women of the Arizona’s Law Enforcement, their colleagues and all that concerns them. We thank YOU for YOUR faithful shield and safety, 24/7.

Psalms 91:8      O Lord Most High, strengthen these men and women of Arizona’s Law Enforcement with Your strong life. Bring YOUR justice to the wicked. YOU, Mighty God, provide a refuge and a safe place for the men and women of Arizona’s Law Enforcement and YOU give them rest.

Psalms 91:9      Loving Father, let no evil overcome or overtake YOUR brave and strong warriors of peace and let no sickness or disease come upon their lives or into their homes.

Psalms 91:11,12  O Mighty Lord, YOU are their Strength and their Redeemer; YOU have ordered YOUR heavenly armies to cover them and keep them safe in all their ways. You sustain them and hold them in YOUR hands and keep them strong; YOU watch over them and keep them from stumbling.

Psalms 91:13    Father God, give them courage, strength and understanding how to walk unharmed in the midst of vicious predators and “snakes.” Give them the wisdom and strength to handle the emerging threats and uncover hidden attacks from their path.

Psalms 91:14,15  My Lord Jesus, reveal YOUR love to these brave men and women and draw them to YOU with all their hearts. Reveal to them who YOU are. Deliver them, lift them up with encouragement, and cause them to soar like eagles. I call upon YOU to be with them, protecting them at all times, especially in times of trouble, delivering them, honoring them and revealing to them YOUR faithful and loving name. Show them YOUR salvation and satisfy them with a long life.

Psalms 91:16    We ask this prayer, in remembrance of YOUR great promise to them, in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen

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